girls from HongKong! HELP!!!

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  1. hi girls! i'll be going to HK next week and was wondering if any of you know how much a caviar medium flap will cost over there in HK? very much appreciate it! thanks in advance!;)
  2. It is hk$16,000
  3. Is that price before price increase or after?
  4. thanks so much apple6! do you know what colors are available now at the stores?
  5. i saw tan,gold and black yesterday in the store which located in prince's building central hk.there are 8 chanel boutiques in hk(include airport),so u might want to check them out as different store might have various's the list of boutique-prince's building central,pacific place,lee gardens,the peninsula hotel,intercontinental hotel,canton road,DFS galleria chinachem and international airport.
    you will see many resellers stores in hk too,if u dun mind,you do check them out too,they do carry lastest collection but with higher price if it's a new item.
    it's tax free shopping in hk.:yes:
  6. thanks so much stena84! really appreciate all the information! i am only familiar with the chanel store in pacific place, but will try to drop by to all the chanel stores that you have given me:drool: can't wait to go to hongkong!
  7. dont mention it!hope u have fun in hk!bon voyage.
    let me know if u need any other information bout dont sound like a first timer here.:yahoo:
  8. haha you're right. I go to Hongkong once every year, so i'm quite familiar with the different shopping stops. not so familiar with chanel though, im new to chanel, just got hooked with the brand from reading all the posts from this forum:tup: thanks so much again for the help !;)
  9. Sorry, I didn't pay attention with other colour because I just put my name to the waiting list of the caviar blk. med. flag w/s hardware.

  10. Wow...I thought Caviar black medium flap is a typical item the boutique will have in what they carry at the store? Just curious, I will be there in november.
  11. they have a chanel at the airport too!
  12. can anyone tell me how much the cambon large tote is in HK, are there any available?
  13. I lived there the past two years ... my favorite store (there are like 10 in the SAR, REALLY!!) is the main store at the Prince's Building ... ask for Melody - she will work miracles!! She got me a cabas when they were all gone ... tell her that the girl who moved back to New York sends her my love and I miss her!!!
  14. Does anyone know how much the PST in hong kong costs right now? i'm planning to go this october =)
  15. Someone mentioned in the sub-forum that the price is HK$9300, only beige or black.

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