Girls from Germany, France and HK please help :)

  1. Just wondering if girls from the above countries would be able to tell me the price of the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle twist and spray perfume? The price of the refills would also be appreciated.
    I have a friend who's overseas at the moment and I would LOVE to get hold of this :smile:

    [​IMG] (for reference)

    I'm most likely going to get some pearl or crystal earrings as well. Does anyone know the price of those in the above countries? :smile:
  2. Bumpity bump :smile:
  3. Prices of the earrings would vary depending on the style. Most earrings I looked at while in Paris this month were around €200. But if you want the tiny crystal CC ones, I'm assuming they should be lot lower than that.
  4. Thanks so much! I think I might get my friend to get it when she's on the way back to HK from what I recall they didn't have it at HK airport... So I'll ask her to get it in Germany.