Girls fm Europe!! I need yr help!!!

  1. Hi, I'm fm Italy and I'm looking for a GSH Partime black or anthracite... I was finally buying (after having deeply checked and looking for) one from USA, but I finally discovered that the Customs duties are very high (25% of the total amount) and I can't afford it,:crybaby: the bag was brand new and the cost was around 800 euros. I am willing to pay this amount for a new/almost new one.... is there anybody that can help me?? Thank you!!!
  2. hi there
    u could tria louisaviaroma or balenciaga paris directly!
    There is a store in Vienna that u might try as well called Song and one in Berlin calld The Corner..
    those are all I've ever experienced with and it was all pretty good..

    u find their adresses in the Stores that sell authentic Balenciaga section
    good luck :heart:
  3. I agree with Oula, call Luisa via Roma, Balenciaga Milan and Balenciaga Paris, one of them will definitely have your Part Time! :smile:
  4. Also try Printemps in Paris, they - and Bal Paris - have some of the older colours in their store. They ship DHL and arrive in 1-2 days, shipping is around 20 euros.
  5. Thank u my girls!!! I'll try to call them and find out!!