Girl's Feet Cut Off At Six Flags

  1. :shocked: That is so sad.:crybaby:
  2. :wtf::crybaby: Poor girl. her parents are probably devestated
  3. I live in Louisville and it's a huge story! It's horrible. I will never ever ever ride that ride she was on again.
  4. Can you even imagine this happening to your baby!?
  5. I saw this on freaking horrifying.
  6. Oh my gosh, that is absolutely horrible. That poor girl! That is unimaginable
  7. That poor girl! My prayers are with her and her family.

    (And I'm not normally lawsuit-happy, but her parents should persue legal action.)
  8. Oh that is just awful! The poor girl.
  9. Damn :cry:
  10. that is horrific! I'm confused though - did she lose her legs or just her feet? the story said she had no legs! I'm surprised she was conscious. poor baby. the human body is so amazing. if they were just her feet, I wonder if they were able to reattach? Please post updates when you see them....
  11. Do they know exactly what happened? What went wrong?
  12. Someone please explain this to me, because I'm trying to understand: as the Superman ride got to the top, the right wire snapped, and as it descended, the left wire snapped. The ride just crashed to the ground. How did that cause the amputation of her feet?
  13. OMG I can't even imagine!! My prayers to her and her family.
  14. It's so awful! I could not even imagine...The local news here in Louisville said she is in surgery and they are reattaching her feet. They are expecting it to be a successful surgery and she will get full use again. I really hope this is true. It's such a tragedy.