Girls, Do You Think These Could Be Repaired?

  1. Seen these for sale on eBay, apparantly the dog chewed the heel eek! But do these look like they could be repaired at all? I am in the UK but could send to where-ever it takes.



  2. This pic makes me want to cry.
  3. It is horrible, but if I could get them repaired somewhere then I would. The girl is in the uk so I guess she has done her homework and can't get them fixed anywhere here, but I thought you ladies might know better across the pond :smile:
  4. wowzers! i don't know...but i have seen cobblers do some amazing things...have you tried call a few in your area and seeing what they might say? Lord of the rings, what did she do to them poor babies?
  5. The dog chewed them up! To be honest I don't use cobblers all that often - especially for high end and/or damaged shoes! So wanted to check what you ladies thought :smile:
  6. GOOD LORD!!!!... why on earth would you keep those around a puppy??, now IM crying
  7. You know what, if you really want these shoes, why don't you call and email the pic to a cobbler and see what they say. I know from here on the forum that both Arty's and Shoe service plus (NYC) are great...
  8. If they're really cheap I'd buy them anyways, just to have one :love:
  9. I agree, you take them off as soon as you get home put them away safely!! What a shame. Unless they are a steal, I just do not know. The patent would have to match perfectly. They look nude, are they? That would be a hard match since the CL nude is unique. The only way would be to replace the leather on the heel. I would pass. Gosh, I hate that!! I had a dog chew kid gloves I wore to a ball. But, I left them in a chair, which was stupid. I was younger then, too.
  10. get in touch with arty's shoe repair in NYC! they make miracles happen
  11. Ouch looking at those pics makes me feel like I'VE been bitten! lol
  12. ^ LOL me too! i think the only way to fix them is to either replace the heels in black or in a close color to nude. jeeeez i would never own a dog now.. esp after seeing this! lol