Girls, did you know about this?

  1. I know the Louis Vuitton in Tel Aviv might get destroyed.:crybaby:
  2. How come when I click on the link above, it's not working anymore?
  3. Yeah the link doesn't work anymore...
  4. Is jajagabour telling a lie?
  5. This jajagabour fruit spammed his blog all over the forum. I asked him to cut it and he pretended like it wasn't his blog, despite the registration email and the email listed on the blog being the same.

    Don't fall for it ladies, it's just the seller trying to post a bs story on a bs blog to earn some credibility and gain more buyers.
  6. The link contains a thread posted by jajagabour saying that all the rumours about Haley Couture's cheating buyers' money are not true at all. She posted a link to a blog which says about the issue. She also tells that her friend bought 4 birkins from the site and had no problems at all.

    This is confusing. Are the moderators teling me that jajagabour is a representative of Haley Couture? And she's trying to pass the message that Haley Couture is a legitimate reseller but IRL is not?
  7. :wtf: please say that this is not true that you just said that :censor:
  8. Thanks, Vlad for saving all of us from being victims.
  9. Thanx for clearing all that up Vlad. I was very confused for a good while there.
  10. I love the types that create these "independent testimonials" of "real buyers" that vouch for the quality of a seller's product.

    This is just about as pathetic as Bergacci and the pictures of their management hanging out with the CEO of LV.
  11. I would bet my left butt cheek that this is precisely the case. Needless to say that Haley Couture is growing desperate to be taking these measures to clear her name.

    I don't know anything about H.C.'s bags, but I sure know that their credibility just took a really deep dive.
  12. I hope that the fighting will end one day. There's no point fighting with one another because the victims are ordinary citizens. My heart goes out to the Lebanese victims.
  13. Thanks for clearing the air, Vlad! :flowers: I'm glad you stepped in & put a stop to this.
  14. Hmm .... my gut feel was right then. The dead giveaway was that the blog is brand new and jajagabour is a brand new ID!