Girls ...can you recomend me someplaces in Mexico to go??

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  1. My bf has decided to take me to mexico for our 1 year anniversary!!! YAY...:love: :heart: :love: . I am so excited, He has given me the choice of WHERE I want to go in mexico....I've never been there!! so can some of you girls help me out and recomend some places.....I knwo there is cancun and puerto vallarta and mazatlen....I want some where breath taking and somewhere we can also party with people our age (20's) ..

    is there a website where they have pics to show you what city offers????

    Please and thank you!!!!!

    i jsut have to do this one last time....AHHHHhHHhHHhHhH YAYAYAYYAY!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Personally I love Acapulco. I used to have to travel on business to Mexico a few times a year and that included Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.

    I never cared that much for Puerto Vallarta - no particular reason why. I just found Acapulco more visually stunning and charming.

    Cancun is very nice (am not sure how much recovered they are from the hurricanes of last year), it is very clean and "Americanized" at least to my eyes. I did enjoy alot going to see the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza which is not far from there so if you like archeology or history it is fascinating.

    I am sure you will have fun wherever you decide to go. Peggy
  3. OoohHh i was thinking of acapulco but its not near a beach....and *I* would love to see the ruins...I dont knwo bout my bf thoe....he plans to sit on the beach and get plastered....hehe
  4. I've never been, but I've heard the Cabo San Lucas and San Jose areas are very nice.
  5. It depends on where you go. I personally would stay away from the gulf side of Mexico between now and November. Cancun got slammed last year in a hurricane and this year is supposed to be worse. I was once in Cancun during a really bad hurricane and it is not something you want to experience.

    If it were me, I'd go here:

    (pronounced: zee-whoti-nay-o)
  6. Xel-Ha is not too far from Tulum and within driving distance from Cancun. It is a snorkeling resort area that is wonderful to visit and beautiful as well. It is also on the same route that one would take to go to Chitchen Itza.
  7. my sister got married in cabo san lucas last year. we stayed at the peublo bonita rosa and it was GORGEOUS. there are a couple of clubs in town, most notably squid siblings and their friends went out almost every night and had lots of fun (hubby and i aren't really partiers). the beach is good to walk on, there's some great snorkling, wonderful reastaurants (go to mi casa if you choose cabo!), and a mall that was meh. the spa and the pool at the resort were AMAZING...i would go back just for that.

    i looooved cabo but i'm into really low key, read by the pool vacations. i think cancun would probably the better for shopping/going out. like someone else said, i wouldn't go gulf side this time of year. wait until december or next spring.
  8. Yes, Cabo...mas tequila!!!
  9. why not try a cruise? You get a pool on deck, different city at each port...thats more my thing than staying at one palce all week long...I get bored easily hehe :shame:
  10. hmmm does anyone know any other websites i can take a look at?
  11. Cabo San Lucas, the best place
  12. If you stay in the Cabo area, try going North about 20 minutes towards San Jose del Cabo. I recommend the hotel La Pamilla. Just beautiful. If you don't have to go to the beach there are incredible places more centralized. Guanajuato is a great historical colonial city and San Miguel de Allende is beautiful with lots of art and culture.
    I think Cancun is pretty commercialized but Cozumel is a puddle jump on a plane away and is remote with great snorkeling. Also Isla de Las Mujeres- just a local charter boat away- and go topless!
    I love Mexico- many diverse areas form west to east and in between.
    Tengo un gran rato! (The water is better on the Cancun side)
  13. I've been all over mexico and I'd have to say, tulum is by far the most beautiful of all places, but you might not want to be there during hurricane season. If you go, it is an easy drive down the coast from cancun. If you are going during hurricane season I would choose Zihuatenaho like someone else mentioned and stay at villas del solo and live the lifestyles of the rich and famous. A small boutique hotel where you have your own beach villa and you might be staying next to some celeb and it's not that expensive off season. a cruise is also a great idea, I love cruising just for the decadence of dressing for dinner every night.