Girls - article with new boutiques!

  1. New boutiques scheduled in! Europe
  2. I can't wait to be send the invitation cards!
  3. Ooh, they plan "to add or refurbish 20 outlets.. locations including HK and Beijing". So, that could mean.. maybe elsewhere too, not just in Asia.. like OZ (Melbourne)! Hmm, maybe SerenitySue is wishful thinking?:nuts::upsidedown:
  4. Good for all you ladies!!!
  5. you are very lucky ladies! Asia will have to get on my travel list somehow...soon!
  6. he, he,'re funny...they just refurbed Melbourne last year!! S'pose they could do it again, though!!
  7. Oh they did?? Lol! No wonder it looks so fab! But.. I was kinda hoping for a double storey.. :graucho:

    K, is the new Syd store double storey like the last one?
  8. nah - single storey but much bigger! All their 'back room' stock is downstairs, though, so it is more than one storey, doesn't look like it, though.