Girls (and guys), I NEED A WALLET HELP!

  1. So finally my wallet is packed! I currently have a small epi card case. I think I need slots for bills now. I need suggestions please =] I just don't want anything in monogram canvas or mini lin. I also don't like any big hardware like what's on the koalas. =] Thanks!
  2. Hmmm.... A few suggestions:

    Damier Porte Tresor International
    MC Porte Monnaie Vennois
    MC Porte Monnaie Plat [not sure if you can stick bills inside]
  3. i just got one from the grrom line, the red one without zipper, porte monnaie w credit card slot....
  4. Only problem with that is that it's still has the Monogram Canvas on it, only with a red/white stripe and a Bellboy on it... :smile:
  5. get a damier PTI!!! i would've gotten it if i liked the push button closure! (i have a damier koala wallet)
  6. I like the MC PTI but I don't know if it's too big.
  7. Well, if you have a lot of stuff PTI is just right... quite big but you'll get used to it... it's the one w 3 folds right? MC line is really fun but just worried that it's white so it might get dirt easier. good luck.
  8. Black MC is sooo hot. I say go for a black MC PTI. :heart:.
  9. Love the zipper wallets!