Girls and Boys......I'm here to say.. (my finale)


    I have to say that I'll be away for awhile...been turned away from LV because of the price increases and the fact that I have gone through a long phase in buying then selling my bags..been questioning myself about whether LVs are really worth the price because of the flaws..and obviously I'm paying for canvas which really annoys me! However, I did enjoy the great experience I had with you girls and guys! I learned so much from this forum - I can tell a fake from a distance..datecodes..year/season bags were made..names of bags..sizes..etc! Thanks everyone!! :supacool:

    I have narrowed down my collection to keeping about 4 that I really love...I'm keeping my belem PM (no way I will part with it), my manhattan PM (though I'm still not happy that it's toooooo heavy for me), my batignolles (so easy to get in and out of!), and my mini lin speedy in dune (just because it's too new...but I'm not sure whether I will sell it in the future). I'm also keeping my damier azur pochette and mini pochette. As everyone can see, I'm trying to keep a diverse collection! I also kept the damier ebene koala wallet and cles because I think LV small goods are made extremely well!

    I will still keep myself updated with LV by visiting this forum! Enjoy everyone...and SHOP MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :graucho:

    And who knows? I may come back soon! :p

    Thanks everyone!!! :drinkup:
  2. Awww resnky - hugs! Hopefully you will come and visit soon?
  3. Aw, come back soon Renee!!!
  4. NO! :cry:

    Why is everybody falling out of their addiction to LV?

    Is there a Louis Vuitton Rehab Center that I am not aware of? :ninja:

    Please don't be a stranger to tPF and hopefully you will come back very soon.
  5. not you too lol good bye I guess more LV for the rest of us lol,

    you'll be back...
  6. Best Lots of Luck and do come back to chat with us.
  7. oo rensky, I'll be seeing you over in Balenciaga. At least you haven't sold off all your LV yet. :smile:
  8. Don't stay away too long ... I'm sure LV will be calling to you again!
  9. Goodbye :crybaby: I hope we see you in the LV section again :flowers:
  10. Sorry to see you go, but if coated canvas is good enough for royalty in the past and present and millionaires and movie stars, then it's good enough for me. Chanel is just leather, and Prada is nylon. At least every LV is handmade. Hope to see you back soon.
  11. :sad:
  12. Another one bites the dust!:tdown:

    Hope you come back soon!
  13. Sister we are on the same boat I have completely removed all my LV from my wish list to be turned on by Fendi sometimes that happens but Im sure that if something really special comes along we will come back.
  14. Ohhh....sad to see you 'go' but I'm sure we'll see you here every now and then. You have to do what you have to do!!! Good luck!! :smile:
  15. Best of luck with was fun...:smile:

    To be honest though, LV price increases are NOTHING compared to Chanel price increases O.O