Girls, A Word About Lipstick/Lip Gloss!

  1. Please don't stick your lipstick/lipgloss directly in your purse. I have seen several posts about ladies doing this. This stuff occasionally melts or the lid comes off or the case cracks and your beautiful Coach may be the unfortunate victim of a leaky lip product. Save our Coaches! :lecture:
  2. Great point!!!!
    That is why CoachGod invented wristlets, pouches, and the like!!! :smile:
  3. Mine stay in my wristlets....I would rather mess up a $50-60 wristlet than a $300+ bag!!
  4. I rarely ever wear lipstick so thankfully I don't have to worry about that. Thanks for the tip though.
  5. I have learned that make-up and ink are the enemy of purses! I keep everything in a case, pouch, or wristlet inside my bag so nothing is exposed.
  6. Yep, my make up and pens, plus whatever else can mess up my bag, stay in my wristlets.
  7. I always get pen marks all over my bags. Even when I keep them in the loop on an agenda. From now on, my pen is in my wristlet along with my lipsticks.
  8. I put all my makeup and coins in wristlets too. There's nothing worse than having lipgloss ooze all over your bag - the stains are tough to get out!
  9. thats why you put it in a small make up bag then put it in another bag THEN put it in your bag lol
  10. thats why you put it in a wristlet or make up bag....
  11. I agree...that's what the cosmetic bags are for!