Girlies i have a cl custom order question

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  1. okay i know we've discussed custom orders in a previous thread but i wanted to ask question.

    so am i allowed to pick any color i want??? how exactly does that work? if theres a pruple i want do i send a pic or what???

  2. I see that many read your post but you haven't gotten any response yet.

    Sorry, I don't know about SO on Louboutins, but I would suggest calling the boutique and asking them directly.
  3. thanks i'll do that tomorrow:smile:
  4. Angelie> Can you ask how long a special order usually takes when you call?
  5. it takes approx 3 months
  6. ^Thank you!
  7. Cool, didn't know they could do that!
  8. Hi Angelie! What are you thinking of ordering?
  9. i wanted to get a pair of wedges i'm thinking peanut wedges in purple patent with glitter (grease-paint). I don't know if they can make them. I emailed the horatio boutique two days ago but they haven't gotten back to me.
  10. the wedges in greasepaint would be a great idea!:tup:
  11. i really hope they will make them for me. I'm keeping m fingers crossed. I will call tomorrow since they aren't emailing me back.
  12. OMG, that sounds so pretty!!! I hope they can do it for you! BTW, you look beautiful in your avatar picture. ;) LMBO!
  13. hahaha ROFL!!
  14. Angelie that sounds awesome! I love your colorful CLs.
  15. thanks hun:smile: