Girlie's Antrafirst made it just in time - pixies

  1. She made it, I was so worried I'd have to leave her with DH, but she's here. So pleased with her:heart: :heart: , her leather's lovely, exactly like the pix I was sent. She is a mixture of a dark grey, green and a tinge of blue. My DH sees blue, I see more green - reminds of granite with her various shades & nuances, I think she'll be so versatile.:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I tried to take a mixture of photos as well a comparison with my black city.
    I am not the greatest photographer and am in a hurry, I haven't finished packing yet, I am away 2 months with my daughter so of course I want to take EVERYTHING AND the kitchen sink - my hardest decision, choosing which bags to take with me and who to leave!!!!! I feel like a bad Mummy!LOL! Telll me what you think PLEASE.

    Err excuse the carpet, I'm staying at a hotel!

    ImageShack - Hosting :: dsc04416ng4.jpg
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  2. very nice! CONGRATS and thanks for sharing! oh, and HAVE A NICE TRIP!
  3. Congrats !!!!!!!! I love it !!!
    And I love your comparison with Granit : that's it !!!!!!!
  4. girlie congrats :yahoo:
    it's pretty :yes:
  5. ooh! so pretty! lucky you- and what smooth leather:yes:
  6. ^^ yay, congrats girlie, i love it!!! :wlae:
  7. :love:

    love your bag girlie! congrats!!
  8. I'm so glad it arrived before you departure. Congrats on a great bag! I love it!! :love:
  9. It's nice to see a first and a city together. It's so funny how firsts tend to look so much smaller, but in those pics it doesn't look like it is!

    Very pretty...! ENJOY :biggrin:
  10. She is GORGEOUS!! [​IMG] :love: [​IMG]
    Ok, I've officially added anthracite to my wish list. I was on the fence before, but your pics just pushed me over the edge! :nuts:

    I'm happy to hear she can accompany you on your trip! A big congrats to you!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Thanks for the comparison pics, too! :flowers:
  11. Ok so I had to take a break from 'shoving' stuff in my suitcase, I am a true TPF addict!
    Thank you mintpearl, I'll check in once I arrive, I can never do without my TPF!
    Fromparis, your bag started it all!Thank you!
    Seahorseinstripes your collection makes me droooool! Thank you!
    Etagaya, her leather's yummy, some veins, and consistent, and thick - I can see her becoming really smooshy in time. Thank you!
    aaallabama, thank goodness I love her, non, otherwise I'd be kicking myself totally!!!;) Thank you!
    Thank you kimair, she's the baby of the bbag family now!
    Chuggie, thank you, you ordered an anthra, right?
    Verty, she isn't as small as I imagined, I'll be able to use her lots! Thank you!
  12. Congrats on your gorgeous bag, the leather looks incredible! It's nice to get a different view of anthracite, I think the color looks a bit different in your pics. than others.
  13. Beautiful! I am going to keep my fingers crossed that the Cities come in with leather like that. Enjoy!
  14. Thank you cate22:smile: I'll try and take better ones once I arrive, over the weekend sometime (my flight is 21 hours!!! so I'm 'losing' a day) otherwise I might try later on if I'm packed and ready, so I guess I had better get my ass moving!!!!:yes:
  15. You just forced me to order the Anthrafirst i've been craving for months since i saw the little swatch! So exiccteddd :wlae: Gonna be on ban now till June-ish though, haha