~Girlie Night In: A Flagship Reveal AND my FABULOUS hubby!!~

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  1. My hubby sent me into tears, literally. Just a little background- I've been under a great deal of stress lately, compounded by knee surgery that isn't healing and chronic migraines that are just at the point of RIDICULOUS! In any rate, I rarely have a day to just do whatever I want, but last weekend my sister took me to the Coach store and I come home really liking but NOT buying the Chelsea tweed satchel. I had told hubby previously I might buy a bag, so he asks why I didn't buy it. I tell him it's the money and I didn't know if it was really what I wanted afterall. I was just in a funk and had a serious migraine starting. So I'm exhausted, take some migraine medicine and before sacking out have my laptop up cruising the Coach website and bring up another bag I've been lusting for (I figure pleasant dreams LOL!)

    He asks "is that the one you really like?" I tell him yes, but it's far too expensive because I want accessories to go with it. So a little later he says he needs to run to Fry's for some computer stuff for his business.

    Couple hours later he returns home, wakes me up (even brought me Starbucks!) And as I go to set it on my nightstand he says "OH wait, here set it on THIS..."


    SO.....like a dutiful wife I promptly BURST into tears at the thought that after TWENTY-ONE YEARS he would be such a cutie.
    SO...he brought this home a few days later from the Coach store...


    Who wants to see what my honey man brought home for me? :graucho:
  2. I do!!
  3. Oh what a FABULOUS story!! I LOVE IT!!! Let's see whatcha got there!!!!!!!!
  4. Awwww let's see!!!
  5. oh lets see what ur fabulous husband got u.
  6. SO I don't know if anyone's revealed this particular bag, but I figured WTH I am gonna do it anyway LOL~

    Here she is....ssshhh...she's sleeping!

    Seriously, wake up I NEED YOU!! :graucho:


    So here is my newest girl...Flagship Dowel in BLACK...

    She has PATENT- like how did I miss that...PATENT TRIM!


    Her latch:

    Her tags:



    OK SO up next are modeling pics and the REST of the GOODS....lots of accessories! :biggrin:
  7. That's the best story!!! What a wonderful husband you have!!
    Now show the goods!!!
  8. You sound like you have quite the catch! Can your husband teach mine a thing or two? ;) let's see what he surprised you with! (BTW, I'm sure he is just as lucky to have you too!) Hope you are feeling better soon!!
  9. How sweet. I wanna see.
  10. WOW that is seriously GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the two tone hardware and the lining is gorgeous. All around beauty!!! Tell your DH we are very impressed - what a sweetheart he is. I am so happy for you, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woot:

    And I hope you are going to feel better very soon!!! :hugs:
  11. Omg! That is one stunning, classy black bag! I love the details, the leather, the trim!!! Just awesome! Congrats on your new bag! You have great taste!!! This blows the sage out of the water!
  12. Could only fit 8 pics in that last post, but her CHAIN is twotone...oh I love it!!

    Me wearing her in the bathroom...ok I had to stand on the stool I'm 5/4 size 8 pants I got on there so if that helps give a reference!

    Accessories next, photobucket is all loaded but slow to respond tonight!
  13. This is THE black bag I've been lusting after! I haven't bought a black bag in a long time, and this has been the one I want. It's so beautiful! How sweet of your husband!!!
  14. SO my honey returns me to the mall AFTER sweet Chelsea arrives and says PICK ACCESSORIES because he had no idea what I wanted.

    So I picked a Madison wallet, but it's not this color...mine is being held hostage by FEDEX...it's the new one they don't have in stock yet it's like a deep, deep grey and the metal matches the flagship bag..

    This is just because the blue matches the blue lining!

    This is because well...just because I love black!

    Ok so if that isn't enough...we go to the outlet- we had to get something else but he said to go to the Coach store if I wanted. :faint: Seriously...I do love this man (even more than Coach and that's saying A LOT!)

    Up next pics of a few little things, nothing big but I LOVE ACCESSORIES! I don't buy tons of bags, but I love the little stuff LOL!
  15. Audrey perforated wristlet:

    Madison dotted wristlet:

    Siggy wallet:

    Group shot:

    Chelsea with her belly full:

    And the funniest part of this whole thing....
    after I ordered the new wallet, my SA tells me they're hiring and hand me a job application. My hubby is seriously cute- 6/2, black hair, silver and black goatee. I'm thinking it's HIM they liked so much! :lol:They were so NICE I love coach!