Girlie Gifts !!!

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  1. I love to indulge myself with Girlie Gifts Regularly, these are some of my favourites:

    Scented Candles
    I love fresh Flowers
    Scented body lotions
    Nail polish
    Bubble Bath

    What are some of the Girlie Gifts you treat yourself to ? or prehaps a female friend or family member.? :love:
  2. Gifts from Bath&Body make me feel happy and girlie. I love getting perfume for my mom and other "girls" hehe on my list. Candy too. Both recieve and give. My fave girlie gift is flowers. I love Lilies.
  3. CHOCOLATE. like crazy.
    fluffy socks
    cute/good-smelling/french soaps

    that's about it...handbags are pretty girly, though. so are clothes.
  4. Chocolate
    Make-up (especially lip glosses -- I can't get enough of them!)
    Whatever new "chick flick" DVD is out
  5. When I can, I have one day a month where I can spend the whole day with my girlfriends. Do a great lunch (Sushi) then get a mani/pedi, shopping, dinner/cocktails and top it off with a movie and relaxing.....those were days of single life :smile: . Otherwise, I usually settle for a hot soothing bath when everyone's asleep...I can then finally relax and hear myself think!
  6. I love girly stuff! My favs are candles, lotion, bubble bath, purfume and chocolate. I'm a chocolate snob though. I will only eat see's. After having the expensive stuff the regular stuff just tastes gross.
  7. Manicures, pedicures, spas...
  8. Definitely handmade bath & body stuff.
  9. My list could be long so here's my top three simple favorites:

    Scented candles (I love yankee candles) floral and fruity scents. Right now I'm burning a "juicy orange"...yummy!

    Anything from Bath and Body works (I have a minimum of 7-8 different scents of bath gel at all times lol)

    Chocolates! Esp. See's, Godiva
  10. GODIVA!
    massages (not from me! gift certificates.)
    bath oils, lotions, candles - I love putting together gift baskets
    home baked goods
  11. Bagnshoofetish,

    Yeah home baked goods,thats a good one.
  12. godiva chocolates = :love:
    haha i'm a dork but i love getting sports bras in bright colors (pink!!)
    happy cds- my friends and i make each other happy cds and mostly they're girly love songs :amuse:
    make up, especially lipgloss
  13. My bf's grandmother and I , love to make lunch for him to get it out of the way and then me and her make ourselves delicious salmon (baked) with lemon sauce. then we follow it by having a delicious cup of tea. we love drinking tea together, we talk about wonderful girly things.

    I love pani's and pedi's
    I treat myself to magazines
    Ice cream cones in the summer
    Bubble baths with wine and dimmed lights in the bathroom.
  14. My fav. girly gifts:
    Victorias secrets loations,
    crystal adorned keychains,
    cutsie makeup bags,
    lip gloss,
    bubble bath,
    compact mirrors,
    any thing stirling silver,
    fashion magazines
    personalized items for my purse, like a pen
    and most of all purses!
  15. I'm moving in with Minnie.