1. Surprised no 1 has started a thread on this show yet...

    I loove this show alot!

    I was at Target yesterday ( and today too again..:shame:smile: and saw the new DVD set of the whole first season & HAD TO GET IT!

    Is any1 else a fan of this show? :p

  2. Love these ladies ..def getting the DVD especially since TONI is no longer a part of the show :crybaby:
  3. I love the show. I've been watching it since day one. A little upset that Toni isn't on it any more, but it's all good.
  4. I love this show also, I watch the reruns during Oprah! I can't believe there is no promos for this show.
  5. sucks taht Toni isn't apart of the show anymore. I dont even know why she is not anymore? can any1 tell me why?!?!?

    I loved her arrogant


    I watched the 1st disk so far.
  6. I like this show :yes:
  7. Anyone know why Toni's no longer on the show? I loved her character.
  8. I love the show! Can't wait to get the DVDs.
  9. ^ Please don't quote me on this. I read this on another forum, so I don't know if it's true or not. I read that she wasn't happy with her contract and tried to negotiate, but she didn't get want she wanted, so she left the show.
  10. i have seen a few shows, its funny and cute but I not a really that into it. so many other shows I would like to watch instead.
  11. i really loved this show before toni childs ( jill marie jones ) left the show. i think her character leaving has changed the dynamic too much. although, the monica character has tried to step up as the *****y one! i still watch, but love watching the reruns in syndication a lot more. i will also be buying the first season on dvd. thanks for the info!
  12. Love Girlfriends (I'm getting the DVD also). I heard that all the ladies went to negotiate their contracts and every but Toni (Jill) stepped back. It would be good to see her back on the show. They mention her alot.
  13. I heard this might be the last season.
  14. ok i'll have to get this - love gf, used to watch it all the time before toni left.

    the scoop on toni - it's actually pretty sad but it turned out that the other girls kinda went behind toni's back. They all got low contract renewels so they agreed that they'd all go in together and renegotiate. except the other girls figured that a low contract is better than no job at all so they went in and accepted without telling her.
  15. Not sure why Toni Left i have read articles by her and Joan giving the reason ..and im still lost but maybe this site can give us a better understanding Forums - Toni not returning!!