Girlfriends Not Understanding the Obsession..

  1. Went out to dinner the other night with 2 close, longtime girlfriends, both, i feel somewhat guilty saying, have not much fashion sense as far as style or quality of items they buy, go. Well, of course I was carrying one of my Chanels and their general attitude was "THAT much money for a purse???!!!!" (stated after they asked if it was real). I told them about tPF and the fact that everyone here is more knowledgeable than the typical SA, and all about tPF. The response was "well, how do the girls on that forum know the bags are real?" arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh :graucho: I gotta tell you, it kinda put a damper on the evening for me. It shouldnt have, but it in the world do you explain something like that to someone(s) who don't spend more than $40 on a bag (one of them was carrying an icky Balenciaga fake). Its like trying to explain the color pink to someone who was born blind. I mean, the question "Is it real?" has been asked before of so many of us, but "How do those girls know the purses are real?" was a new one for me, and drove me slightly insane.
    There is a PF member who has as her signature here something like "You said the purse was too much money and so I cannot be friends with you" (tongue in cheek but cute and understandable just the same...:p) (i cannot remember exactly) and although I would never be so shallow to distance myself from dear friends who just dont get it, i really really understand that statement
  2. I know how you feel. I went shopping with my best gf the other day, she was looking for a bag and I was giving opinions. She made some remark about how I like to buy trendy bags- ok.....but don't tell Coco that...:cursing:
  3. awww.... hugs C.

    It's always tough when a situation like this occurs because the askers never realize they're not being nice by asking Is it real and then following it up with a "I can't believe you spend that much on a bag." type of comment. In reverse, if you had asked them "Is that fake?" and then follow it up with a "I can't believe you spend so little on a bag." - that would probably not have gone over well with them right? I think what you've done is a great solution - just vent with us and we feel for you!!! But I'm sure those gals offer you other things that make you adore them as your friends, so concentrate on those aspects b/c at the end of the day - their thoughts on purses shouldn't come between you guys and well - hopefully they don't press their views on purses on you constantly b/c it's not like you push your opinion on them.
  4. You know what, I am sure you are definitely not alone on this. I have friends that are from both sides; some that are like me and don't care how much money a purse is, if they want it, they get it; and some that wont spend more than $40 on a purse. And they could never understand why you would spend so much money on a purse and they don't understand how you or anyone else could tell if its fake or not and they don't know the difference between fakes and real ones. and of course they would say something like "well why not get a fake one if they look like the real one". they don't understand that we're paying for name and quality. So when friends like that start asking question after question and it eventually turns into like an interrogation...sometimes i just want to purse slap them and tell them to mind their own business already! i like this bag so who cares!!! hahahaha.
  5. Some people just don't get it, and never will. You can always share your love for purses with us. Jadecee is right - there are probably other reasons those girls have been your friends for a long time, so enjoy their good qualities and vent with us about the bad! :okay:
  6. Hurts my head just thinking about all the wasted words on people who just don't "get" it.

    But rejoice ladies - we all have each other!!! Group hug.:party:
  7. I agree with Florasun. You are friend with them in other special ways and focus on that. And on issues of purses and Chanel, you can talk to us and share your deep desires and passions with us!
  8. ^^^i agree. Most of my friends understand my love for my bags and they do have the same love but to a lesser degree. I find myself having friends who love bags because we have more topics to discuss. I came late in the bag loving game and my friends were all see what we mean????? but when it hit me it hit me hard!!!!!
  9. that's totally why i never really discuss my bags and clothes with friends or coworkers. if i get a compliment i thank them and then i quickly change the subject--i feel uncomfortable when people start asking how much my things cost especially if they see more value in buying electronics or sports items or whatever over clothes/bags. i have a male bff who's in fashion and who gets why i "collect" certain things so he's my sounding board (other than DH who would prefer to not discuss fashion with me ad nauseum...he'd rather just say yay or nay when i show him something new). but thank goodness for tpf b/c you all provide a great support system for me and my addiction. i knew i'd wandered into the right forum when i'd post threads looking for an intervention and all i get are more enablers cheering me on! So, pursonality, we're here for you and your obsession :yes:
  10. aww, everyone needs to have at least one Purse addict friend to go shopping with. Im lucky enough to have a purse addict friend I shop, have dinner with, etc. and she's a member here too. Im also lucky enough to have a sister in law who shares my obsession. She found her way to this forum too! Im very careful with all others and wont mention bags or ever walk into a Chanel/LV store fearing they'd notice the SA's say hello to me , know my name, bring me water bottles, etc. LOL. I'd be mortified. I read that quote on someone's signature too, it was something like*** "she said "you spent that much money on a purse?" and I knew we couldnt be friends.*** LOL Cute!!
  11. Aww, I'm sorry to hear about this. I guess that because they are your close friends, and can put things out there uncensored, they didn't realize that their frankness could be hurtful.

    Ironically, my close friends have zero (hell, negative) interest in bags, but when we're together, we never run out of things to say. I also have friends who love and appreciate bags (though I'm on a different level haha :p), but regardless, you always find common ground and things to do/talk about despite your differences or sometimes because of your similarities. :smile: When I'm around people I'm not so close to, I downplay any bags I have or like, etc., because I just don't like feeling uncomfortable for liking something that to others is a ridiculously extravagant purchase, or worse yet, being judged as a certain type of person for a bag that I'm carrying (that really upsets me, because it couldn't be less true). :sad:

    Like jadecee said, I would just enjoy their company, and the amazing (non bag loving!) qualities they bring to your friendship, because as far as bags go, you can leave the obsessing/discussing/drooling/enabling to all of us haha. :p Also, I'm so happy that I found tPF!! :smile:
  12. You know what? I just think there are some people who are never going to "get it." My problem is with people who SAY things like this to friends, or sometimes, close to total strangers. I wonder about their motive, and I've decided there may be some insecurity on their part that makes them say that.

    There are some things my friends buy that I might think to myself - ***I wouldn't spend that much on so-and-so.*** But I surely would never say it to them. Why is it that it seems to be 'open season' on those of us who pay a fair amount (and "fair amt." is how I characterize it to my dh :smile:) on bags?

    If somebody says this about bags around me, I just kinda smile and say that I have a "purse problem" and leave it at that. That seems to stop the questioning, and come to think about it, I haven't heard that from anybody in quite some time.
  13. No one I know personally "gets" the whole handbag thing.
    The minute anyone starts up with the whole "you spent HOW much?!" or "why not just carry a fake for cheaper..."
    or any of the other gaggle of inapproproate comments, I just cut them off with "I don't EXPECT you to GET it. But don't put me down for it either."

    Sometimes (if I'm feeling particularly *****y or spiteful) I may follow it up with "ANYWAY, you don't hear me passing judgement on you for that China town knockoff or Pleather like designer imposter" :lol::whistle:

    It's definately a double standard though.

  14. I am in for the group hug.

    I find myself "fibbing" to family members over what I spend on my bags....and I am a grown woman. They have a heart attack when I fib and tell them $400 ( and geez anyone who knows Chanel knows there is no such thing as a new $400 bag!!! LMAO). But could image if I told them $2800??? HAHA....I am sure everyone out there has something they like to do or something they collect that is expensive (vacations, computers, golfing memberships...whatever). We just happen to love and appreciate fine handbags. To each his own. Try not to feel bad about it. We go around in this life one buy what you enjoy. It's only money and we can't take it with us! What the heck am I keeping the $ in the bank for? If I die, someone else will get it and spend it anyway!!!! YEAH!!!!!
  15. LMAO sratsey!!!! Best thing I heard all day. HAHA