Girlfriend With Dior 'Boston', Help Me ID?

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  1. One of my girlfriends in Iran posted a picture of her with a bag that I thought was a Dior, maybe Boston type of bag? I'm not sure at all. Would any Dior ladies recognize this bag?

    I think it's authentic, because she does go to Dubai often but not sure...and I don't want to ask (:shame:smile:

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  2. My boston does look like that...but it I am sure the ladies here can tell you if it is a Dior all together
  3. that looks like a gucci boston bag
  4. ah, alrighty. I did think the pattern logo wasn't familiar with Dior.

    I'll try in that forum. Thanks.
  5. Hello,

    This is a Gucci Vintage Logo Boston bag. You may want to post the pic within the Gucci forum and I am sure tPF ladies (and gents) can help you! best wishes, BeautifulBasics:flowers:

    p.s. Here are some pics of Gucci vintage bags that are similar. Good luck!





  6. It looks like a boston from the gucci "joy" collection which is current collection.

    Gucci Joy.jpg

  7. Hello UltimateChic (where have you been stranger...I hope everything is alright and it's so nice to see your post! I don't believe I have seen you in awhile...),

    Opps! You are so right...double opps! Sorry about posting the pics of the vintage bags! I feel pretty silly.:graucho:

    best wishes, BeautifulBasics

    p.s. The Gucci Joy bag is pretty cute!
  8. there are some fabulous boston bags in the Cruise collection on - you should check them out...
  9. :lol:oops I just re-read my post.. I meant to say doesn't
  10. Hi there

    Yes have been a bit of a stranger intermittently popping in and out :graucho:

    Don't worry about it, they do look rather like some of the vintage bostons just a modern take on it ;)
  11. Hmmm... I have a vintage Gucci Doctor bag like the one that Lohan is carrying... Hmm, perhaps I'm thinking I shoud wear it out... I thought it was too old. I'll have to get it from my moms house and post pictures for opinions. I suspect that they never go out of style...
  12. They are still hugely popular pieces so pull it out and start using it ;)