Girlfriend Im Not Lending You That !!!!!

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  1. Depending on the designer and the fabric, I dont mind letting a few of my none smoking girlfriends borrow some of my clothes.
    My number one rule is after she has worn it and before she takes it to the drycleaners to pay to have it cleaned, I need to inspect it.

    This works for me.

    How about you ? Do you girlfriends borrow your clothes ? What are your rules ?
  2. I use to share clothes in highschool and college, but after a few run ins with my designer duds being returned with stains or cigarette burns, I pulled the plug on that. Now, I will only share with my best friend or my sister.
  3. I don't let anybody wear my clothes. I've let my sister wear them a couple of times, but I find that once they wear it I don't want to wear it anymore. I just rather give it to them if they want it.
  4. No, I only let my cousins borrow any of my clothes. I just think it's gross to have another human being that's not blood related to me to wear my clothes. :sick:
  5. Most of my friends are much bigger than me. I don't have too many friends that are petite that like the same things I do. I would not have a problem lending any clothes out though. I have done so in the past. My hanbags are another story. I probably would lend one to a good friend but I'd be uneasy about it.
  6. I don't let my girlfriends borrow my clothes. I borrow theirs..J/K
  7. I used to... now it all depends. I have had some friends who wanted to borrow clothes that stil had the tags on them!! they would see the tag and be like 'wow, cute! can i wear this?' That always baffled my mind. Now I am much more picky. It all depends on the person and the clothing
  8. No, I don't let my friends borrow my clothes (same thing for money and my bags). If anything, if I know I am no longer interested in wearing a particular clothes anymore, I may ask them if they want it prior to sending it off to charity. I would never let anyone borrow my clothes for sanitary and maintenance care reasons.

    WARNING: PARANOIA AHEAD - I don't know if I am the only one but I don't like trying on bottoms (jeans---underwear shopping is the worst) at the store knowing endless people have tried it on before me. I just fear I may catch something so I always carry a sheets of paper towels and use it to avoid direct crotch contact. This started years ago when I saw this lady come out of a dressing room asking her friend how she looked in these white pants. Her friend said something like "wow, you look real good and no panty lines." The girl wearing the white pants says she doesn't like wearing underwear because it's "too restrictive." I was shocked. From that time on, I always carry something as a protective shield. Heck, if my mom banned me from letting others borrow my comb out of fear of contracting head lice. You can see why I do what I do to avoid catching another type of lice.
  9. i only let my best friend borrow my clothes. she's totally OCD about cleaning. and she always cleans it before giving it back to me.
  10. EWWWW SICK! :sick: :sick: :sick:
  11. if it's something that's not expensive like a random sweatshirt then i'll pretty much let anyone use it. i let my sister borrow *some* of my clothes but she's a size or two bigger so only if she won't stretch my clothes out.
  12. I only share with my mother. And she owns about 10 times the amount of clothes I do, so it's a good deal for me.
  13. I stopped this policy after having something never get returned.
  14. I let this girl in my gym class borrow my shorts and a new shirt (worn only once for about 10 mintues) and she told me she gave it to me so now i'm never ever ever giving her clothes again. i liked that shirt too!
  15. No your not alone in that one for sure, I do not try on pants or jeans in a store in fear I will end up in the emergency room ! plus I had a embarressing situation one time in a ladies changing room.
    I certainly do not allow anyone to borrow my pants, they usually want to borrow very formal gowns or somethin.