Girl went to London and came home happy

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  1. Was in London during the snowy week. So what to do but to keep warm in shops and museums !

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  2. Ooooh hope you had a great time there!

    ... what did you get :graucho:
  3. Reveal :woohoo:
  4. :popcorn:
  5. a reveal!?! :nuts:
  6. show us!
  7. Lets see
  8. oooh do show, i am going to birmingham LV this afternoon to 'play' with the bags and decide what i would like nxt......also just came back from sunbed with my new damier azur 25 which is tanned to a lovely color now after 9 min in there with me!!
  9. :tumbleweed:
  10. show us :couch:
  11. come on!!:nuts:...waiting....
  12. You put your Azur under the sunbed? :confused1:
  13. Reveal! Reveal!
  14. ohhhh a live one!
    Can't wait!!!
  15. :woohoo: lets see!:popcorn: