Girl Scout Cookies!

  1. God help me, I love Girl Scout cookie season :nuts: :shame:

    I have a box of peanut butter patties in the freezer. I just ate one. Just one! :shame: I also have a box of thin mints coming, which will also go straight into the freezer and will be enjoyed with a huge glass of milk :drool:

    What are your favorites? :nuts:
  2. damn you Cristina!!!

    As a peanut butter fan the cookies in your freezer are my favorites....see you in 5 :p
  3. i love the thin mints.
  4. They are so yummy.
  5. Heh, you're going to hold me hostage for the patties :p Be ready for a fight! I love those damn cookies :shame:
  6. I just ordered 2 boxes, but I wont get them until February. One was a peanut butter cookie, and the other, I can't remember...I don't know the names. :smile:
  7. I LOVE the peanut butter ones!!!!
  8. The peanut butter ones are called do-si-dos. And they too are my favorite.
  9. My favorites are the Peanut Butter ones and Thin Mints.
  10. I like the peanut butter ones too. I always order when they come since I'd feel guilty to say no to a Girl Scout.
  11. Thin mints and Samoas. Yum!
  12. Thin mints and those animal ones that have chocolate covering!
  13. Thin mints! :heart:
  14. Thin Mints and Samoas!!!! YUMM!!!
  15. :sad: Never see any girl scouts to buy from anymore!! I miss my thin mints!