Girl scout cookies!!!!!

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  1. Everyone stalk your local grocery stores because the Girl Scouts are hitting the streets!! :yahoo:

    I got:
    1 - Thin Mints
    2 - Samoas
    1 - Tagalong

    I feel like I should have gotten more. :nuts:

    What are your favorites??
  2. Thin mints
  3. We have a girl scout in our house. I have 100 boxes of cookies to deliver next week. :s On the plus side, I'm getting two boxes of thin mints, and one box each of Thank you berry much, Samoas (my personal favorite), dulce de leches, and lemon cremes.
  4. Oooo girl, if I were you I'd be in serious trouble. :graucho: I saw Thank You Berry Much and was nervous about trying something different while the Samoas were staring back at me. I'm so excited, I love GS cookies!!
  5. Definitely............thin mints refrigerated or even frozen!:woohoo:
  6. I know but cranberry and white chocolate? I couldn't resist. They sound so yummy.
  7. Samoas are my absolutely fave girl scout cookies! I can go through the entire box in one day!
  8. ^I make someone hide my Samoas from me or I'd eat the whole box! And those new cranberry/white chocolate ones sound really good..I may need to go find some girl scouts somewhere!
  9. I loveee the thin mints! So good
  10. My step-daughter is a Daisy Girl Scout, so I now am stocked with Samoas (my favorite!), Thin Mints, and Trefoils. Yummy!
  11. Thin mints are my favorite!
  12. ohhhh god where where?!? i want some, i must buy about 10 boxes a year...didnt think they came out until march though.
  13. OOo cranberry and white chocolate? I may have to hit them up again today if they're at the same grocery store.

    Samoas are so good because they're jam-packed with coconut. I remember eating half a box when I was in my teens and getting so sick from them. I thought I'd never eat them again.

    Try grocery stores or Wal-Mart! I think Wal-Mart would be your best bet! It was about 5:30 - 6 when I bought my cookies. You should find them after school gets out! Also, I asked the Scouts when they'd stop selling and they said March so I dunno, maybe it depends on where you are? Don't you wish they had a Girl Scout tracking device so we could locate them? :lol:
  14. Samoas are my favorite which is odd because I actually hate coconut but this is my exception. SO loves the peanut butter patties and thin mints are a close second for both of us. Just bought about 6 boxes.....I may stock up on some more if I see them again.
  15. trefoils and thin mints! i'm so sad we don't have any girl scouts trying to sell cookies around where i live! i haven't had girl scout cookies in maybe 10 years! i miss them!