Girl of 16 Moves In With Her 49 year Old Teacher; Informs Parents by Email

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    Girl of 16 moves in with her 49-year-old RE teacher then informs parents by email

    A schoolgirl of 16 has walked out on her family to live with her 49-year-old religious education teacher. Jess Anderson's parents were left devastated when she moved in with Clive Richards, a father of two who has been married three times. They knew nothing of their daughter's relationship with Richards - who has now left her school - until she sent them an email telling them she had moved out.

    The deputy head girl, who is expected to achieve a string of A grades in her GCSEs this summer, failed to return to her parents' £575,000 detached home after school two weeks ago. When her mother managed to contact her by phone that evening, she was told to check her emails - and found a message about the new arrangement.

    Jess and Richards are living in the same village as her family in a rented cottage they share with the teacher's 14-year-old son. Her mother Frances Hichens and stepfather Phil, 50, said they were "living a nightmare". "This has come completely out of the blue," said Mrs Hichens, a 38-year-old hospital ward clerk who has not spoken to her daughter since. "We are going out of our minds with worry, and they are living just half a mile away. "It is like grieving, only worse, because there is no end in sight." Mrs Hichens, a mother of two, has been told by police that she has no legal right to stop her daughter living with Richards. At 16, Jess can decide where she lives.

    While it is an offence for an adult in a position of trust to have sex with an under-18 in his charge, this cannot apply to Richards as he left the school last April. Richards's third wife left their £500-a-month rented home in Goldsithney, near Penzance, Cornwall, three days before Jess moved in last month.

    Julia Richards, a 38-year-old teaching assistant, took one of her two sons with her, but the other boy chose to stay. She refuses to comment on the situation for fear of upsetting her children, but a close friend said: "What Clive has done is utterly morally wrong. "To think he was teaching children about ethics makes it all the more shocking. "He was in a position of trust and he has abused that trust. "Julia is in a terrible situation." Mrs Hichens and her property developer husband say the relationship has torn their family apart. Fighting back tears, Mrs Hichens said: "Jessica has never been any trouble. "People always said we had it easy as parents because she was so polite and well-behaved. "I know 16-year-old girls want to be grown-up and sophisticated but this is not the answer. "I love her so much - we all do. We just want her back." Richards, who has taught in schools across the country, refused to comment except to say: "We have done nothing wrong."

    After leaving the school he began preliminary training to become a vicar at a local parish. But this ended after some churchgoers became concerned about his behaviour. He and Jess are believed to be living on income support and child benefits.

    Despite the misery caused by their relationship the pair have apparently signed up as "agony aunt and uncle", advising other couples, on an internet site partly dedicated to "age-gap relationships". According to a source close to her family, Jess sent emails to her parents and other relatives insisting she has not been "brainwashed or groomed". But her father, Steven Anderson, said: "The whole thing beggars belief. I have never seen this man and if I did I don't know how I'd react." A family friend said: "This man is an adult with a family and should have walked away from this.

    "It is going to have a massive effect on Jess - not just now, but when she is an adult too. "She thinks she is living out a fantasy but it will only end in tears."
  2. :nuts:

    where are the real teachers that are more interested in teaching children to become better leaders for tommorrow.

    I am so sick of hearing about these perverted men and women, suffering from a mid-life chrisis having relations with children young enough (or are young enough as their kids) to be their child!!!

    I don't care if "love" has something to do with this, you dont settle down with a little girl. someone who hasn't even lived life yet! :tdown:
  3. ^ My thoughts exactly :yes:
  4. I agree too..that is just totally sick and disturbing!
  5. Am i the only one that noticed, but how come the article mentions the price of the home and the rented apt? Is this a european thing?

    -This reminds me of that law and order, svu episode i saw about the principal who had the brain tumor and cant control her urges to be with that student of hers. That is really sick.
  6. Is it so hard for someone to date in their own generation?

    Stories like this make me want to puke. 33 years is an extremely BIG difference! Why any man at that age would want to be with a teenager is beyond me.
  7. What a disgusting old pervert that man is! There should be some law against this! UGH!
  8. EW! This is something straight out of Lolita!
  9. Honestly, I think if it were my child, I'd have my husband go over there and beat this guy's a$$. It probably would make things worse, but I think that would be my initial reaction.
  10. LOL i noticed that too i was like uhhh okkk......
  11. she'll end up dumping him for sure.
  12. ::::shaking head::::

    Oh, yeah, my kid do something like that, the teacher would be looking over his shoulder for the rest of my life. It's totally disgusting. And she's not going to stay with him, this seldom works out.
  13. Jail or no jail, I'd walk over there and drag her A$$ home kicking and screaming! Then DH would throw HIS perverted A$$ in a dark basement where he'd explain to him how he's never to go near our child or other children again. DH would continue to explain this to him until he completely understand the errors of his ways:censor:
  14. This is just sick. There is no reason on earth for a man that age to be interested in a 16 year old. I feel for the parents. To think they sent their kid to school to learn and thought she was safe. I don't understand how the law can state that a 16 year old can do this. Crazy.
  15. I would have thought that this should be investigated as the relationship would have commenced while he was still at the school? He is nothing but a paedophile in my books and should be dealt with as one.