Girl need help......what ya gals/guys think of these?

  1. I am looking for an nonlogoy,low price, understated bag and I saw these at Coach today. What you guys think?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I like the middle one. It's canvas though, right? I'd like it more if it was leather
  3. I think all of those are nice, rather subdued. I am definitely a leather sort of gal though too.
  4. i really like the black leather hobo. how much is it?
  5. What's your price range?
  6. I like the last one. It look ssoo cute =)
  7. those still scream Coach even if they aren't signature pieces

    but that just could be based upon my knowledge of coach

    ie if you want something less showy or obviously label idk i think that's hard to with this current season's bags
  8. I would go with the black one too. The contrasting colors seem to hint that it may be a designer such as Coach
  9. yeah i agree, i would maybe go with the last two, saw the second one in person but didnt like the white stitiching
  10. The second one is leather, but I also like the last one. I put the first 2 because they are shoulder. Do you guys think I should get the second or the last?
  11. My price range is about 100-200 I wonder if anyone has suggestion.
  12. I have the second one in tan. It's very cute
  13. Really!!I like the saw the second one too and I love the white but it might get dirty easy...
  14. I would definitely choose the leather bag over the nylon-y one's. That is just my preference of course! Plus I think the Soho hobo will always be a classic.

    I wish you well,

  15. i like the first and last one coz they have blue.. hehe, thats my fav color, sky blue..