Girl names... Share your favorite names

  1. I've loved Zara long before the store...there is also a royal Princess Zara Phillips I believe? But I think we are going with another z name so can't have twins both with a names anyway. I have now been put on bedrest and this is gonna be a rough pregnancy so I may pull the sympathy card to get Anya back on the table :smile:
  2. I meant can't have twins both with Z names
  3. BLL -- congrats on the twin girls! How exciting! Your DH should give in to your wishes as you are doing all the hard work.
  4. My daughter's names are

    Their middle names are...
    Mae (Sylvia-Jane)
    Noelle (Mckellen)
    Rose (Piper)
    Claire (Mallory-Joy)

    I love coming up with combination names and when I learned I was having Sylvia Jane me and my husband found the opportunity! :biggrin:
  5. Lilly, Daniela, Marissa
  6. Summer:smile:
  7. Olivia
  8. I've always liked Esther - that's what we'd have called DS had he been a girl...:biggrin:

    Like Tara, Elizabeth, Polly, Jane, Carol as well.
  9. I have three girl and now a baby boy.. Girls are 14,11&9 ,Daisy joy, Lulu Rose and Bo lily.. All of them have flowers in their names... My beautiful boy is called Rocky ... Truly blessed..
  10. i also like what the other poster said olive
    i also like antonia first time i heard the name was on real houswives of nj
    sage grom general hospital she was alcazars niece

    p.s my son is the only anthony in his whole school
  11. i like name you never hear any more but are in a baby book and you can find it on a coffee cup or key chain
  12. Same here! That's why we went with Vincent for our boy, and likely would have gone with Georgia for a girl :smile:
  13. Denim Rose
  14. Some of the ones I liked, but didn't end up using were:


    I wanted a name that wasn't trendy, but also wasn't too weird. It helped to have some "rules" to narrow down the list. We nixed any name that was on the current 100 most popular list (Chloe, Sophia, Ella--all out), no "creative" spellings of regular names, and no using any names of anyone we knew (friends, relatives, coworkers, other peoples' kids, etc.).

    We ended up with a name that is "normal", but a little retro, so it's no longer very common.
  15. My beautiful baby's name is Jemma Nicole
    But also loved