girl in early 20's with kelly?

  1. hello all!!!
    I've been thinking lately to start wearing my mom's gold kelly. I guess it's a good way for me to test drive H bags.

    My question is... is it inappropriate/ugly for a 22 year old to wear a kelly? Maybe a birkin is more age appropriate? But I like the shape of the kelly better! So...? Thanks for your help everyone! :heart:
  2. If you have the opportunity to carry a Kelly go for it... with a big smile...
  3. Not ugly. Not inappropriate.

    JMHO, an object handed-off from a well-loved family member is almost always completely charming.
  4. I'm 22, and I'm buying my first Hermes bag this year (either a Bolide or Birkin!) I'd get a kelly right now, but I'm waiting, because I want it in black...and I want to buy my colored bags first :biggrin: So nooo not too young! :biggrin:
  5. thank you! I'll test drive it next time I go visit my mom... hehehe!
  6. You Will Loook Ultra Chic With The Gold Kelly!!!
  7. Carry it with a BIIIIG smile ;)
  8. Of course its cool,just carry it with the atittude and the rest will the bag do on its own.;)
  9. Absolutely not -- you will look stunning! I mean, I look like I am in my early 20's and I carry one! (Just kidding!)

    No, wear it... I think nothing is inappropriate unless it feels inappropriate!

  10. that's fabulous that you get to try your mom's out! i think it's great :smile: do take it for a test run and take some pics while you are at it! :biggrin: have fun!
  11. Why not go for it!!
    Wear it well.
  12. Of course you can wear it, lucky girl!
  13. Go for it!! :nuts: You'll look SO chic! I used a box leather Kelly everyday for years from my mid-20s....LOVED it to death and wore it with everything. I still have it! :yes:
  14. Not too young, especially if you like it , it probably means you'll have the appropriate attitute wearing it, and also, it depends a lot on what you pair it with, but I am sure you'll find the best way.

    And let us know how you've liked it afterwards!
  15. It wouldn't bother me to see a young girl with a Kelly at all. I am in my early 40's. I would be a little more amazed by a Birkin, but really I don't think there is an age limit on Hermes bags.
    The only thing that would bother me would be anyone at any age mistreating their Hermes bag. I don't know, I just think nice things should be taken care of.