Girl friends

  1. Do you have a lot? A few close ones? Just one best friend? Or are most of your friends men?

    I'd say I have a large circle of girl friends but the only ones I'm close to are the girls I grew up with.
  2. i mostly have male friends but i do have 3 close gf's. one i grew up with, the other 2 were previous coworkers that i've become close with and go out with.
  3. Strangely, most of the friends that I still keep in touch with are guys. But my closest friends are girls. There's about two or three of them.
  4. My close girlfriends are the same ones from high school. We've grown up together and there is a lot of history there. My best friend I've known since we were 6 in kindy! All the new friends I've made since then haven't stuck, too much petty issues. The only guy friend in the group (apart from all the husbands) is gay!
  5. my closest friends are all my college friends and all girls! that is pretty strange considering my ugrad had about < 30% women. the only guy 'friends' i have are my bf and his friends so i guess i don't really have any guy friends, lol.
  6. i can count how many girl freind i have on one hand. I do associate with more male's
  7. I have only a few girl friends but have a lot of close male friends. I love them all.
  8. how do you ladies have so many guy friends? i feel like the only time i befriend guys or guys befriend me is when one of the parties have a romantic interest!
  9. i have about 4 very close friends... one of them is so close i consider her my sister.... i dont have a sister but im sure the bond we share is like being sisters!!!!!
  10. I have two best friends- one girl and one boy. The three of us grew up together, so we've known each other for over 20 years. They both still live in SF though, so I only see them a few times a year even though we talk almost daily.

    My close friends here are mostly girls.
  11. I have three close girlfriends - one I've been friends with since jr. high, and even though we don't see each other or talk often, when we do, it's like we haven't been apart, one who lives in N. Cal, who dated my ex then became best friends w/me, and one who moved into the house next to mine 10 years ago. She lives in Portland, OR now, but we call each other every week, and she is coming out to visit me here in Idaho this summer.
  12. I only have 1 true friend. She moved to Tampa but we talk ALL the time and visit each other. We get along so great because we are both so funny/comical!! On top of that, we share the same birthday. How random is that? We met in college during our freshmen year. I can't deal with a lot of girls. Too much drama!!

    Apart from her, my only other true friend is my BF. I love the both of them because they don't judge. I detest judgmental people!!
  13. I used to have a lot of girlfriends... However, as we get older, get don't keep in touch as we did before. Now, i only have a few close friends...
  14. All of my close friends are women I met in college...and a few coworkers I consider to be good friends.
  15. This will sound weird but I have no "close" friends, never one to share secrets with or get personal with. I DO have lots of friends (all male) that I talk to, go out with, etc...but no one that I am personal with. Not sure if that's a bad thing. :oh: