Girl Born with Eight Limbs Goes Home After Surgery

  1. Full article and pictures at the link:

  2. OMG! How come she has 4 arms and 4 legs? Was it a failed to develop twin? I didn't click on the link coz I don't want to see the pics. But, it's good to hear that the girl is on her way to recovery. Hope she can lead a normal life after this.
  3. Yes it was from a twin that stopped developing.

    Glad to hear her surgery went well and that she'll be ok.
  4. wow thats increedble!
  5. Didn't we have another thread about her having the surgery here too?

    Yes, it was a parcially absorbed twin, called parasitic twin syndrome among others.

    I'm glad she's going home. Word has it she'll be able to walk normally too.
  6. We did? Oops! I'm sorry. I scanned the section to see if it was posted and didn't see anything. I'll do a search next time.:okay:
  7. awww I'm so glad she's doing well after the surgery! makes me smile:smile:
  8. She looks great!
  9. Thank God, bless that child. In the first video she was so cute and happy. It was like it made no different to her about her extra limbs. I'm glad to hear it.