Girl Born With 4 Arms, 4 Legs Has Successful Surgery

  1. Lakshmi Tatma Had a 25 Percent Chance of Dying During Surgery

    NEW DELHI, India, Nov. 7, 2007

    In the desperately poor corner of Bihar, India, she was a miracle.
    Tiny Lakshmi Tatma was born two years ago with four arms and four legs. The local population considered her the manifestation of a goddess. Her parents named her after the four-armed Hindu goddess of wealth.

    A local circus even tried to buy her, but her parents chose health over fame and asked a team of doctors to remove her extra limbs. The surgery, conducted in Bangalore, ended successfully this afternoon.
    "The child has withstood the procedure in an excellent manner," Dr. Sharan Patil, the team leader who planned the surgery for more than a month, told reporters outside the Sparsh Hospital. "This girl can now lead as good a life as anyone else."
    It took more than 30 surgeons 27 hours to not only remove two of Lakshmi's arms and two of her legs but also to rebuild much of her body and save her organs. They say the chances of death were as high as 25 percent.
    The cost of such a complex procedure would have been $625,000, far too great for the Lakshmi's family to afford. The hospital's foundation paid.
    "We are very grateful to all the doctors for seeing our plight and deciding to help us," Tatma's father, Shambhu, told The Associated Press.
    The doctors "worked relentlessly through the night to make the operation successful," Patil said, adding there had been "no setback at any stage of the surgery."

    Half a Twin

    Lakshmi is essentially one half of a conjoined twin without a living sibling. Her condition is called ischiopagus. In the womb, a "parasitic twin" stopped developing, but Lakshmi absorbed its arms and legs, its kidneys, its stomach and chest cavities as well as a series of nerves.
    The surgery removed the extra body parts and unfused Lakshmi's spine from her twin's. To rebuild her pelvis, surgeons used tissue from the twin. And to save her kidney, doctors said, they had to remove it from the "parasitic abdomen" and move it into Lakshmi's own abdomen. She may still need more surgeries.
    Conjoined twins occur in about one in every 200,000 births, and their survival rate can be as low as 5 percent.
  2. Surgery cont'd . . .

    Lakshmi could not stand up or walk, but her doctors say that may now change.
    "There's no reason why we cannot rehabilitate her, get her back on her feet as soon as possible," Patil told ABC News via phone from Bangalore.

    She immediately won the hospital staff over. "She's a very cute girl," spokeswoman Dr. Patil Mamatha told the AP. "She's very playful and gets along well with others."
    Lakshmi will stay in the hospital under a ventilator for at least the next two days.
    As for how she will be treated after that, she may no longer be considered divine.
    "All this expenditure," her father told the AP, "has happened to make her normal."
    Now, he said, "it will be great to see our daughter have a normal body."
    And he hopes Lakshmi will soon have a healthy sibling. Her mother is pregnant.

    This link has a before and after photo, but I must warn you, it's not for the squeamish. But what those doctors did is nothing short of genius.
  3. OMG what a cute little girl! I mean, its scary the stuff growing out of her, but her face is sooo cute! I hope she lives a normal life! Thank God her family didnt sell her to the circus! How horrible!!
  4. Are you talking about my signature? Thats my daughter. :love:

    How did the poor baby with 4 limbs go to the bathroom? It looks like she was born without those parts. Poor thing.
  5. was wondering that myself??

    Isnt it great that in her country they looked at her as being a gift!! I think thats great and am so happy that everything worked out for her in the surgery!:woohoo:
  6. omgg im SO glad everything was a success!
  7. Here's some more information:
    It's a bit out of date, considering she's already had the surgery, but it answers questions I just know all of us are asking.

    Twin girl with eight limbs to have surgery

    By Sam Relph and Peter Foster in New Delhi

    Last Updated: 2:26am GMT 08/11/2007

    An Indian girl born with four arms and four legs is to undergo a 40-hour operation tomorrow as doctors try to give her a chance at a normal life.

    Lakshmi Tatma is a two-year-old girl named after the Hindu goddess of wealth who has four arms. She was believed to have been "sent from God" when she was born to a poor rural family in the Indian state of Bihar.
    As news of her birth spread among the 500 inhabitants of Rampur Kodar Katti — a remote settlement without electricity or running water — men, women and children queued for a darshan, or blessing, from the baby.
    However, it will require the latest techniques in medical science to separate Lakshmi from her "parasitical", headless, undeveloped "twin", which is joined to her body at the pelvis.
    The £100,000 operation will require differently skilled teams of more than 30 surgeons to work in eight-hour shifts to separate Lakshmi's spinal column and kidney from that of her twin.

    After attempting to transplant the shared kidney wholly into Lakshmi's body, another team of surgeons will gradually close up her pelvic girdle while re-orientating her bladder and genital systems. Plastic surgeons will then graft skin to cover her wounds while an "external fixator" will be attached to close her pelvis gradually over a three-week period.

    The procedure has been described as "like shutting an open book".
    Without the operation at the Narayana Health City, on the outskirts of Bangalore, Lakshmi's parents were told their daughter was unlikely to survive beyond early adolescence.
    After more than two months of preparation, Dr Sharan Patil, the consultant orthopaedic surgeon leading the operation, said that her team was reasonably confident that the procedure would succeed in helping Lakshmi to survive.
    "Fortunately, Lakshmi has one complete body with a near perfect set of internal organs," she said.
    "Her skeletal system involves two bodies which are fused together at the level of the pelvis.
    "The operation itself, although it presents several challenges, is not the most complex in the world. What is highly unusual in Lakshmi's case is precisely how her bodies are fused, almost mirroring each other."

    Her mother, Poonam, and father, Shambu Tatma, who earn about 50p a day as casual labourers and are both in their twenties, were turned away by a government hospital when they asked for help to increase Lakshmi's chances of survival.
    However, they were brought to Bangalore after Dr Patil visited their village.
    "We tried to take Lakshmi to hospital but they turned us away and said nothing could be done," Mrs Tatma said yesterday. "We saved money and even went to Delhi but the hospitals there turned us away too. Lakshmi had never once seen a doctor until Dr Patil came to our village and took an interest in our case.
    "I believe that Lakshmi is a miracle, a reincarnation, but she is my daughter and she cannot live a normal life like this."


    An X-ray picture shows how the two
    bodies are joined at the pelvis
  8. I saw those pictures yesterday on DH's forum but I didnt know she had surgery. I am so happy for her, she deserved better. She is super cute too
  9. Wow. It's always so nice to hear when deserving children like this are provided surgery free of charge! Makes me feel like there is some good in the world!
  10. i saw a video of the girl online yesterday. she was very cute, seemed very happy and energetic. i am so happy for her that her surgery went well, and glad that her family was smart not to sell her to the circus, good lord, that would have been evil!
  11. I wish the best for her. I'm glad her parents didn't sell her to the circus. I nearly fainted when I read that part.
  12. WOW! I'm so glad it went well and that her parents made the right choice. That xray picture makes it much clearer to understand than the actual pictures of her. Very interesting article thanks!

  13. ROTFLMAO. I thought you were trying to pass your daughter off as the Girl born with the multiple limbs. It was your comment about her being cute that made me think you were refering to your child@@:roflmfao:
  14. From ABC News

    Girl With Eight Limbs Goes Home

    Lakshmi, a 2-year-old girl who was born with four arms and four legs, had successful surgery to remove her extra limbs. Her father, Shambu, the happy girl before she was discharged from the Sparsha Hospital in Bangalore, India, on Saturday, Dec. 15, 2007.

    Poonam, right, holds her daughter Lakshmi inside a ward of the Sparsha Hospital on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2007. Nearly a week after surgeons removed the extra limbs from the Indian girl born with four arms and four legs, the bright-eyed 2-year-old made her first public appearance after leaving the hospital's intensive care unit.

    This X-ray provided by the Sparsh Hospital shows 2-year-old Lakshmi after her surgery was completed, Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007.
    ap_eight_limbs6_071215_ssv.jpg ap_eight_limbs4_071215_ssv.jpg ap_eight_limbs3_071215_ssh.jpg ap_eight_limbs2_071215_ssh.jpg