Girl Any Suggestions ????

  1. Ok - never ever own a B-Bag and I think Im about to change that.... LOL..... I was browsing the raffaello-network web site and felt completly in love with this bags. Whish one youll think is the best, Im 5'3 and I dont want something huge. What you think girls?
    bbag.jpg bbag1.jpg bbag2.jpg
  2. i like the city size, it's perfect to me and I'm 5'1.
    I feel that the first is kind of flat.
  3. I also recommend the city for a first Bbag.
  4. Like I said, not to familiar with the B-bags.... whish one is the city bag? :confused1::confused1:
  5. The photos are a little distorted, so the one on the left and middle both look like cities. I am sure the the middle is a city, but the one on the left looks a bit like part time. Part time is similar to a city but more rectangular. I think the city is a perfect first bbag.
  6. i'm partial to the city.......i'm only 5'1 btw.....
  7. I am 5'4'' (almost :p) and I like the city. It is not too big but big enough to hold my stuff. Honestly IMO the first is too small and too flat. It can be a cute bag for a night out or it might be the bag to grab when you are running some errands but not for everyday use.... sorry if I offend anyone... I love all Bbags ...but I think the city is the right size. From your pictures it looks like the first two bags are part time. The bag to the far left is the Part time with regular hardware and the middle could be the giant part time and the bag to the far right is the first.
  8. My first and only Bbag is the "first", i find it good for everyday items, but it wont hold a TON of stuff if you carry a lot. I'm only 5' tall and prefer the first, but would maybe for a "city" as a second bag eventually.

    Just do some more research and look at more photos of people wearing the different sizes (in the "Pics of you wearing your BBag forum")

    Reference section of the first.
  9. Thank You so much for the info girls, I will be doing more research....
  10. The "City" or "First" are safe choices... Check out the reference section or try them out at your local store first before you buy :yes:
  11. You definitely need to check out the City. The ones you have pictured are (L to R):

    Part Time, Part Time GH, and First.

    The Part Time has a seam down the middle and a shoulder strap, the City also has a shoulder strap but no seam down the middle, and is in-between the size of the First and the Part Time.
  12. of all the 3 pics you posted, I'd go for the part time with stands out and it's just gorgeous :smile: just love the color!!
  13. I have the same girl on black .... lol .....