Girl, 4, falls in Grand Canyon

  1. A four-year-old girl has been killed after slipping off the edge of the Grand Canyon and falling several hundred feet.

    The girl's father immediately scrambled down the cliffs and started trying to revive her.
    National Park Service spokeswoman Maureen Oltrogge said he started cardiopulmonary resuscitation with the help of a park ranger who abseiled into the canyon.
    The child's body was 400 to 500ft below the rim, Ms Oltrogge said.
    The area where she fell is a combination of sheer drops of 30 to 50ft, before slopes lead to more drop-offs.
    The girl is said to be from Arizona, but her name and hometown were not immediately released by authorities.
    The canyon, in Arizona, is one of America's leading tourist attractions.
  2. I'm lost for words.. I can't imagine how the parents must feel. I'm in no way judging them or saying they weren't careful or anything.. coz sometimes an accident is just accident..
  3. I just read this on AOL. Such a horrible accident.:sad: My prayers go out for the family.
  4. OMG, so sad.....poor family. :sad:
  5. This is awful, how tragic.
  6. poor family. canyons scare the crap out of me. When we go to the reservation with my little ones, my hands start sweating because there are no fences! Not even where the touristy areas are. It is VERY dangerous for little ones. I just keep my kids way back from the edges. My hands are sweating now as I type this just from thinking about it!
    My prayers are with this family.
  7. How sad.............My prayers go out to the family!
  8. Omgosh! That is really sad!
  9. How awful....
  10. Heartbreaking!
  11. I remember almost fainting when my daughter peered over a railing at the Grand Canyon. I am terrified of heights, but bolted over to hold onto her and pull her back. (Even though she was safe LOL)

    How sad for the family.
  12. thats is sooo sorry for saying this but where was the father or anyone else who was watching her...hellloooo grand canyon....they should have been holding her at all times!
  13. so sad to read about this!
  14. ITA! Very scared of the Grand Canyon. When we were there, DH pointed out so many spots one could fall (or jump) off. My daughter is 11 and I still hold her hand whenever we are at any height! Gives me the chills!
  15. Oh dear. What a terrible accident.