Girl,13 First to Have New Cervical Cancer Vaccine

  1. Girl, 13, is first in Britain to have new cervical cancer vaccine

    23rd October 2006

    [​IMG] Vaccine: Hollie Anderson with her mum, Lisa.

    A thirteen-year-old London girl has become the first in the country to receive the cervical cancer vaccine.
    Hollie Anderson's mother, Lisa, paid £450 for her to have the jab privately after seeing her own mother battle against cancer.
    The vaccine, Gardasil, launched in Britain last week, protects against the main viruses that cause the cancer but the Government has not yet issued guidance on which groups will be routinely immunised.
    The confusion means mothers are taking their daughters to private clinics instead.

    Mrs Anderson, a child psychologist from Enfield, said: "Every mother and every daughter should have this vaccine. I've seen how awful the disease can be. I saw it as my role to protect Hollie."
    She signed up Hollie for the three injections after her mother Shirley Hart, 67, was given the all-clear by doctors following a course of radiotherapy.
    Mrs Anderson, 44, said: "When I found out from our doctor that these injections were becoming available it wasn't a difficult choice to make. I asked Hollie and she said she wanted it. It was her decision. Afterwards she said, 'Thank you mum, I know you're protecting me against a disease.'
    "She's been telling all her friends about it and trying to talk them into getting it. It's become something she's proud of, being the first girl in the country to have it."

    There are 2,800 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed in Britain every year. About 1,000 women die. Hollie, who attends Immanuel College, Bushey, said: "I did research and saw how bad cervical cancer is.
    "When we heard [the vaccine] was coming out in England I asked mum if I could have it. I think it's better to be safe. All my friends are asking their parents if they can have it."

    Gardasil targets human papilloma viruses linked to cervical cancer, which are transmitted through sex. The jab is licensed for all children aged nine to 13 and women aged 16 to 26. It should be given before patients become sexually active.
    Dr George Kassianos, the Royal College of General Practioners' immunisation spokesman, said: "This vaccine is available on prescription today, but patients should wait for the Department of Health to give us guidance. Everyone agrees this is a great leap forward. I would ask the department to fasttrack a decision."
    However, Dr Sarah Lotzof, of Dedicated Doctors, in Totteridge, said: "We're booked up months ahead. We're the first practice in the country to offer the vaccinations and there is a huge demand."
    A spokeswoman for the Department of Health said it was not yet known when a decision will be made on which groups should routinely receive the vaccine.
    However, GPs will be reimbursed for the cost of any vaccines they administer to patients. The vaccine's maker, Sanofi Pasteur MSD, said last week that the cost to the NHS of three doses is £241.50, but if a mass campaign was launched there would be a discount.
  2. Very good!
  3. My doctor told me about this during my last check-up in August. He explained it to me in great detail. At the time he wasn't allowed to give them out. And he also told me that insurace companies should be ruling sometime here in October as to whether or not they will cover the cost.

    Either way I plan on getting it at my next check-up.

    I think it is something that all women should consider. :yes:
  4. i hope this becomes widely available!
  5. My mother died of ovarian cancer at the age of 26. I am 35 now and my doctor and I keep a check on me, diligently. I hope that this vaccine is only the beginning for combating these illnesses. I welcome this vaccine or any that could possibly save a life. I will inquire about it for myself and my daughter, she is 11.
  6. Doctors hope to get it to girls before they become sexually active, which would be wonderful......but it still works for older women. You may have possibly been exposed at some point in your life, but the shot will help combat those cells and it will fight any possible new cells you come in contact with.

    My doctor explained that the push will be for girls 12 or so to 26 or so like the article says......but he said ALL women, no matter what age can benifit from it.

    I had several women on both sides of my family die of cervical cancer and I know that if I can get a shot that can help prevent that, I'm all over it!!!!

    Like I posted earlier insurace companies will be deciding soon (if not already) if they will cover the cost. But even if they don't I'm willing to pay the price, even if it's a couple of hundred dollars, who cares about the cost, if it will keep me from or lowering the chances of getting cancer. :wlae: :yes: :nuts:
  7. Awesome!
  8. Wow, I was thinking that 13 was a bit young to get the shot, but I forget that teenagers have sex nowadays! Darn that Catholic education, I didn't think about having sex until much older!

    It dosn't surprise me that the jury is out with insurance companies. All they care about in the end is cost benefit, being a business and all that. Even if your insurance doesn't cover it, I hope all the ladies here gets the shot. Much better than the pain of going through something like that.
  9. I know some think it is questionable, but I think it is nothing but good....hope it becomes routine.
  10. I know this is an old post, but I just got this vaccine today (1st of 3).. any one have it yet? What are the symptons etc... the arm I got the shot in was numb for like 10 min after... was there a fever or anything? TIA
  11. ^^^^ May I ask if your insurance company paid for it or if you paid out of pocket? I'm getting it at my next check-up, I don't know if my insurance company will pay or not, but either way I'm willing to pay out of my pocket. :yes:
  12. Hey,
    Yeah they paid, but before I got it, I asked the billing person at my gyno's office to check to see if in covered.. and surprisingly I was since I heard most people we'rent covered and had to pay like $300 per shot.. and theres 3 shots in the series...

    but, I would def call the insurance company and check first
  13. my doc told me about it too since i'm 26 and still am in the age range...but i don't know...there was an article in the wall street journal today about it and they say that the vaccine hasn't been in the market so long to know what long term side effects there will be..kinda scary...but it def is great
  14. Hmmm, it's great when new advances in medicine help prevent cancer, but, this vaccine actually helps prevent HPV, which is a sexually transmitted disease. It seems to me the drug company has put a bit of a marketing spin on this, calling it a "cancer vaccine."
  15. As someone who had dealt with Stage 2 Cervical Cancer in 1987, I cannot tell you how awesome it is that this vaccine exists. Cervical cancer does NOT respond well to chemo or radiation.

    My daughter Nicole who will be 25 in July just got the vaccine in January. It took me 2 months to find a doctor who had the vaccine available. I am VERY grateful that my daughter is not sexually active (she is trying to wait till she gets married) because you cannot get the vaccine if you are.

    Nicole has 9 close friends who have HPV. NINE! One is in Stage 3 Cervical Cancer now. She's 22 years old and just had a hysterectomy.

    Parent and Religious groups are opposing this vaccine. They are opposing a vaccine that could ultimately save a girls life. The Los Angeles Unified School dsitrict just made it a requirement for girls entering the 6th grade, they must have the vaccine. PHoenix just did the same thing.

    I hope all of you who have young girls will talk to your daughter and obtain this vaccine. PLEASE do NOT wait for your insurance company to approve it, that could take a long time. I paid $300 for it (first dose of 3). I would have paid $3000 for it.