Girl 11 Found Hanging By Her Twin Brother Dies, After Stunt To Shock Mom Went Wrong!

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    Accident: 11-year-old Emily Gorman

    By LUKE SALKELD - For the Dailymail

    A girl of 11 hanged herself with her school tie after arguing with her mother about playing in a football match.
    Emily Gorman had a game with her new team which clashed with a family wedding, so her mother was debating whether to let her play.

    Then Emily annoyed her mother by letting her brother's dinner burn when she was supposed to be watching it.
    Her mother, Jackie King, reacted by deciding to stop her playing.

    The schoolgirl was said to be anxious about letting down her team-mates and intended to make a dramatic gesture of defiance, an inquest heard.

    Her twin brother Joseph found her hanging from the top bunk bed in her room at their home in Plymouth. Attempts to revive her failed and she died in hospital three days later – on the day of the football match and the wedding.

    Yesterday, an inquest heard how Emily was sent to bed early after a row with her mother over burning her younger brother Liam's dinner as she was doing her homework.

    Mrs King called for her shortly afterwards and, on hearing no reply, sent Joseph to check on his sister.
    He found her suspended from the bed, her feet barely one inch above the floor.

    Hearing Joseph's cry for help, Mrs King ran to the room, cut her daughter down and tried to resuscitate her.

    She died three days later after suffering brain damage and organ failure – at the same hospital where her mother works as a medical secretary.

    Mrs King told the inquest of the moments leading up to the tragedy, when Emily had burned her brother's dinner and thrown it in the bin.

    "I was cross and told her to get out of the room," she recalled.

    "Isaid 'forget about football on Saturday – you are not going to be able to play'.

    "I told her to ring the manager and tell him she was sorry but could not play football because of a wedding.

    "I did not want to lose my temper so I told her to get out.

    "She was upset, which I expected her to be because I knew she was looking forward to football."

    Mrs King continued: "I honestly don't believe she ever meant to kill herself – that's not the person she was.

    "She just smiled and laughed her way through life. She was so very very happy.

    "In my heart I think it was a case of 'I'll do something to make mum sad' which would make me say 'don't be daft, you can go to football'.

    "She did not understand the consequences and think it could happen so quickly."

    Emily's kidneys were transplanted and one of her heart valves was given to a four-month-old boy who had a congenital heart defect.

    Recording an accident verdict, Plymouth coroner Robert Newman said Emily had died as the result of a "dramatic gesture" that had gone disastrously wrong
  2. What a horrible horrible tragedy.
  3. :crybaby:.. This is soo sad and tragic.

    Rest In Peace. x
  4. aw......this breaks my heart. So sad.......
  5. Oh my goodness, that is so sad.
  6. OMG! I don't understand?
  7. Poor little thing! Many young girls go through a "drama queen" phase, but I've never heard of such a horrific result before. I'm sure her mother will probably have a lot of guilt about this, but there was really no way to predict this kind of accident.
  8. What a beautiful girl, this is so sad. Her organs were donated, and that's a very brave and noble thing for the family to do. May she RIP.
  9. This is horrible. It's sad how kids will result to something like this over something so little.

  10. You are right, there is no such way to predict this kind of accident. I feel so sorry for the mother. I dunno how she will ever continue with her life with the guilt feeling hanging over her everyday. I hope this family will be okay.
  11. OMG, this is so sad :crybaby:
  12. How awful. I just can't understand the motivation. So young...
  13. Her poor brother had to see her hanging there...this is tragic.
  14. You know, I wonder if this poor little girl even understood that doing this could kill her. We've all seen programs where someone is shown hanging, then is seen alive again in another show or on something else... perhaps she didn't understand that death IS final?

    My heart goes out to the mother and brother.
  15. I don't belive there an actual news link, or RSS feed you can get the actual story from? It seems fake.