Gioco VS. Zucca?

  1. I'm considering trading my Trasporto Campeggio for either a Trasporto Zucca or a Vacanze Gioco. I have no idea how much a Gioco holds, or how it looks in person, or anything. I happen to have a Spiaggia Zucca and ADORE it, but I don't think I'd want two bags in the same style.

    So, if people can tell me their opinion on the Gioco? And maybe post pictures of how much it can hold? I know there's a reference picture, but that's not enough. :/

  2. i currently have both: Tutti Zucca and Spiaggia Gioco. I was surprised how large of a bag the gioco was when i first bought it. i haven't used the gioco yet, i've been sporting the zucca. i've read that the giocos don't hold their shape very well, and it's been suggested on another blog to cut out a flexible cutting board in the shape of the gioco's bottom. i haven't tried it, so i can't really tell you it works.
  3. I love the Gioco! It's huge! I carry 2 makeup bags, a rather large wallet, and can fit a water bottle plus a whole bunch of other junk in it!
  4. I LOVE GIOCO's! I currently own 3. They can be somewhat difficult to get in and out of, but you get use to it. I think by far it is the most stylish looking TD bag.
  5. The Gioco is pretty cute and holds a lot. It kind of folds onto itself so it looks very cute on the shoulder, but the fact that it folds in half kind of makes it hard to unzip/get in and out of. I think I prefer the Zucca.
  6. I have a tutti gioco. I like the shape of the gioco, but I don't like how hard it is to get in and out of it. Still, I prefer it over the shape of the zucca, which I just really don't like.

    But honestly, of all of these, I'd probably keep the campeggio! That's probably because I like trasporto better than vacanze (which would rule out the gioco for me), and I like a trasporto campeggio better than a trasporto zucca. So it all just comes down to personal preference.
  7. Whichever feels more comfortable on you. Try them on in front of a mirror.
    For me I prefer the look of the Gioco but Zucca feels better on me because it is flatter. Broad based bags don't stay on my shoulder for very long.
  8. I have both and I LOVE :love::love::love::love::love::love: them both!! I think you can't go wrong with either one! ;)
  9. The giocio is cute, but seems a little smaller than the zucca. Probably because it folds..bends.. whichever xD
    I think zucca's are SUPPPER cute though! :greengrin:
  10. i am all about the gioco! i have 4 and only 1 zucca.... but of course you can stuff the zucca with more stuff cause its more of a tote and the gioco is a purse... but if you want you can stuff it, but it won't fit under your arm anymore. in the gioco, i've been able to fit a pair of shoes, extra t-shirt, wallet, keys, phone, and ipod.
  11. zucca! i find the shape, zips and lining too fiddly and awkward. it looks gorgeous shape-wise, but i dont find it practical. i find my pirata zucca perfect for shopping and uni when i do not need to take files.
  12. Giocos look cute under one's arm, but Zuccas display the print that much better.
    Also, Zuccas are roomier than Giocos, only because they fold into themselves.

    Ie: My Pirata Gioco can hold my folder of school work, bottle of water, make up case, portatelefono with my sidekick and ipod inside of it, small bag of tissues, sunglasses, notebook and a small bag of snacks.

    My gioco could hold all of the above with the exception of: the folder and bottle of water (otherwise it's too hard to be worn as a shoulder bag)

    They are both lovely though, but Zucca may be more practical if you have a lot of stuff to carry.
  13. the gioco is very spacious. i can hold my wallet, camera, bottle of water, magazine, ipod, treo, and all my other little accessories. i think i stuffed my zipped sweater in there before too and it wasn't too bulky to carry.

    so..i pick the gioco
  14. I really don't like my gioco. Everything shifts around too much in there. You can hold a lot of stuff though. The straps are always falling off my shoulder and sometimes when I get frustrated enough, I'll carry it like a backpack. Not the cutest looking way to use it but that's why I rarely use it.
  15. It depends what you need in terms of use from your bag. I carry a lot of stuff around and the gioco is really great in accommodating to that and I love how it fits so much in - it does get hard to find things because it isn't really "organisable" but it adds to the idea of being able to just throw things in and head out and about.