gioco vs. bambione?

  1. Okay, so I found another Inferno gioco on eBay with not-so-great placement and a bambione with FANTASTIC placement. I want this design for the little devil girl with an iPod, the devil oven, the mummy, and the vampire bunnies- but the gioco doesn't have most of them and the bambione does! But I love the cut of gioco and it seems much bigger.... can a bambione hold very much? I've gotten used to toting around everything in my citta gioco.... :sad: I just love the cut of it... agigjfjg... also I haven't called shoposun yet.. I'm afraid they will tell me they don't have any and I'll cry. I'm new at hunting these down, getting good placement, etc. My first was an easy buy, since I got it from an UO catalog. :sad: help! opinions!
  2. That's a dilemma!! The pink ipod devil girl is my faaaaaaaavorite on Inferno!! She's front and center on both sides of my MM!!

    Well, first I would say to just call ShopOshun!! You have to choose between being afraid they'll tell you they have none left or getting something you're just "eh" about and find out later that they DID have some Inferno giocos left. I would rather call them first because if they have none left, my thought would be, "Okay, well, now I KNOW I have to choose between these two bags..." You know?

    Although I don't own a bambinone yet (but I have one pre-ordered!!) it IS a very roomy bag. There's another thread where members posted photos of what they put inside of their bambinones... and they put a lot of stuff in there! It is smaller than the gioco, yet it's not a "tiny" bag. I'd say it's a very good "medium" sized bag.

    I guess in the end you have to ask yourself how important these characters are to you. Some people can live without them, others can't - like me. Haha. Then you have to weight your love for the characters for the love of the gioco style.
  3. My bambinone held a lot! As long as what you're carrying isn't very huge (I had a checkbook, wallet, card case, phone, etc..), it should be fine.

    I am a strong believer that unless you are totally in love with the placement, you should hold out for a better one. It WILL come along :biggrin:
  4. Thanks! Do you think Shoposun will help me with placement?
  5. Thanks! So you think I'll be unhappy if I get the wrong cut... you're probably right.. .except I am kind of in love with the placement. But also the seller is charging way too much for a bambione, or at least compared to other prices I've seen.
  6. maya, can I add you on Myspace? My handle/name is the same. (My real name is Avalon). You seem nice!
  7. Are the outlets out of bambinones? So far I have not paid retail for any of my tokis :smile:
  8. Sure! Where in South Jersey are you? Do you know where Bayonne is? That's where one of my best friends is from.
  9. maya, I'm from around Ocean City, NJ.. near all the tourist areas sadly. This time of year sucks esp. for driving!! Agr. I'm not sure where Bayonne is, though...sorry! :sad: