Gioco versus Zucca

  1. I am having a hard time deciding between a zucca or gioco. I love the design of both bags... but I was wondering which bag actually holds more? I've seen the bags in person at stores (macy*s) but they were all stuffed with paper. I was wondering how it actually looks when there's items in it. I would really appreciate it if somebody could post up pictures of them with their gioco and/or zucca with items actually in it (wallet, maybe a bottle of water, etc..) so that I can visualize what it looks like when there's actually items in it. Seeing it at a department store and actually on a person is different... plus, I'm sure being stuffed with paper to hold it's shape and what it would look like during daily use is different...

    I also read somewhere that the gioco sags when you have stuff in it and the bottom ends up showing more than the side.. is that true? So, would something like a bottle of water or a fatter wallet be enough to make it sag and kind of lose it's shape? :confused1:

    I stumbled across this forum and I'm loving the community!!!! It's definitely fueling my love for tokidoki more!!!! :heart:
  2. I have both bags and I prefer my zucca. It holds its shape well and its just easier to get in and out of. The bottom of the Zucca bag never looks saggy which is what you see when your carrying it. I honestly hardly ever use my gioco because it such a pain to get in and out of and when you set it down it really expands and takes up a lot of space but it does look good while your carrying it.
  3. Yes, Zucca is can hold more and is easier to get into. I have always loved the fact that it never sags considering how much stuff I put into my bags.
  4. Exactly the same for me!! I have a few of both zucca & gioco and zucca is my favorite. Zucca never loses its shape no matter what you put in it whereas gioco takes on the shape of whatever's stuffed inside. :graucho:
  5. Am I the only one that stands there in the store, empties the paper out of the display bags and then dumps the contents of what ever bag I'm carrying into the purse I'm considering?
    (Yes, I put all the paper back in when I'm done....)
  6. Thats soo cute! I could imagine how shocked the sa would be if they saw it! :confused1:
  7. To DreamsOfToki: I actually thought about doing that... but there were about 5-6 other people looking at bags around me, and I thought they would look at me funny or something.. So I haven't tried it yet. I really want to know what the gioco looks like with stuff actually in it... wallet, cell phone, lipgloss, ipod, maybe even a bottle of water... So I can see how it "sags" (if it does.. ) I tried reading through the threads to see if there were any pictures of somewhere with stuff in the giocos and sporting them~ =) but.. haven't had luck so far... Maybe I'll do that the next time I'm at macy*s to get a better idea myself!
  8. They do see me!!! In fact, sometimes I put the bag on the counter right in front of them when I'm "unstuffing" so I have a place to put all the paper. I didn't know it wasn't the "normal" thing to do! After try on clothes and shoes before you buy....
  9. LOL, Dreamsoftoki- I do the same thing!! The SA just kinda rolls their eyes and looks the other way.
  10. lol...i havent tried doing that one yet:wtf: im sure the SA in my area will think im :nuts:
  11. I hardly ever do that in the stores because I am afraid I would leave something in the bag.
  12. ^^ Yeah me too. I can do that sometimes. Somewill will buy the bag and find some free lipgloss inside!:beach: But it does see m like a good idea. Now that I know others do it I may be tempted to do it next time b/c I hate buyging bags and when you put all of your stuff in it it looks funny.
  13. No you are not the only one. I do that All the time with my toki bags. :yes: . Yeah.. of course I always put all the paper back when I'm done. With my ciao, I had to try it on with my wallet , coin purse & cellphone to c whether i liked the look & c how much it could fit.
  14. I do that whenever deciding on a bag. The bag looks so different when not totally stuffed.
  15. As a retail person, people unstuffing a bag to see if everything fits in are way less annoying than people who feel the need to open umbrellas up.

    An umbrella is an umbrella!!