Gioco v. Zucca: Which is more like a bag?

  1. I'm more into big type purses, not the really small ones so I wanna know which one of these do you think is bigger. I mean in width, not depending on how much you can put in it (although I do go to college and I keep a bottled coke in my purse, which one could fit that?) Pictures of them on your body would help also if you have the time to take them one day. I just don't want to make the wrong decision when getting a purse. Anyways, thanks yall!:cutesy:
  2. To be honest, I'm not sure which is bigger. I own both bags and you could fit a bottle of coke in both of them. I almost want to say they're the same size just different shapes :shrugs: . They're both great bags so you really can't go wrong with either. I think it just depends if you want a bag that hangs down longer on your body (zucca) or a bag that hangs shorter (gioco). What else do you carry, that might help you figure out which to buy :smile:
  3. Well I really don't have a lot of stuff in my purse. I have a little makeup pouch, sunglasses, A brush, Comb, iPod, and wallet.....ok maybe that is a lot :rolleyes: but my current bag is humongous(sp?) so it doesn't look full.
  4. No, that doesn't sound like a lot of stuff at all. In that case you might want the zucca b/c it has more of a shape to it than the gioco. Gioco takes on the shape of whatever's inside of it. The Gioco is like a mini duffle bag's cute but shapeless until you fill it up. The Zucca is more sturdy and keeps its shape even if it's kinda empty. ;)
  5. Ok that case I might get a zucca. I like longer hanging bags b/c people can see the print and what type puse I have, and I can fit all of my stuff into it! I just liked the gioco cuz it looked more like a bag type but I really don't want a mini duffle bag.
  6. I think zucca is better. I dont think u can put a bottle of coke in 'standing' position in gioco. I'm not going to risk it may spill if you put the coke horizontally. If you know what i mean....
  7. That's a good point Azumie...I've never thought about it...but I always carry a bottle of water and I put it in my gioco all the time!! It hasn't spilled so far :shrugs: but it could really ruin my wallet if it did spill! WOW!! Good thinking!
  8. I would go for zucca! :yahoo:
  9. I lovee zucca. Handiest purse ever! Fits so much crap in there and doesn't look bulky. Gym clothes, all sorts of stuff :smile: My fav bag I've ever owned!
  10. Woah!! It fits gym clothes??:wtf: Man it's a lot bigger than I thought. I don't think my current purse can even fit gym clothes. Yeah, then I'm definatly gettin' the zucca/
  11. really it fits gym clothes??? i know the gioco can pack a punch too hahah...but i hate the style (sorry to those who love it!)
  12. The Gioco is a BIG bag. Fat and wide. It really is the size of small gym bag....

    Funny thing.... after saying I originally didn't like Adios.... and after saying Zucca was not the bag for me.... I managed to "win" an Adios Zucca on eBay today :smile:
  13. lol... i know what you mean. I'm not that fond of adios but i recently saw a bag that i loved (didn't get it though) how much did you happen to win it for?
  14. $159 and it has Polpettina right in the middle which was my "requirement".

    And I won a Citta Caramella with Bastardino and Polpettina on it. $29

    When I first joined tPF I totally didn't understand about having favorite characters. I just thought the bags were "cute". Well... umm... things change.
  15. what $29 for a caramella?? wow thats cheap! lol ...yeah gioco is a big bag much like a lil duffle bag...argh i hate it hahaha...i think the zucca is big for me but if i had a choice between gioco or zucca sure aint going to be gioco!! congrats on your zucca and caramella!!