Gioco v. Buon Viaggio (Foresta) - need some advice

  1. I'm looking into buying either a Foresta Buon Viaggio or Gioco sometime soon, and I need some opinions on which you guys prefer. I love big bags, and I adore the way the Gioco style looks, but accessing the insides while you're holding it isn't as easy as with the Buon Viaggios (my second favorite style).

    Also, I know Foresta is pretty pricey to come by in general, but I was wondering which bag style was harder to find? I see two BVs on eBay right now, but I have yet to see a Gioco for anything more than a trade on the Livejournal community.

    Right I'm thinking that I'd like Foresta better on the BV, and something like Citta/Citta Rosa on another Gioco. But I also don't know how I feel about having more than two Giocos .... ahhhh confusion/frustation! :cursing:

    Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts/personal experiences since I'm a new Toki fan; it will definitely help me in choosing.
  2. ^^ I actually saw that in the stickied thread, but thanks! Seeing the Gioco on eBay is what actually prompted me to think about which style I really want to get.
  3. I like the Gioco more also. I tried a BV and it felt a little too large for me so I returned it and got a gioco. I have 4 and I love them all.
    I think Foresta Giocos are harder to find than BVs. Foresta would look great on either bag, but if you want more of the print to show, and a little bit easier time finding one i'd go with a BV.
  4. I prefer the gioco, but then again I own three giocos and no BVs so there you go. For both types of bag you get a ton of the print... The gioco looks like a smaller bag when you're wearing it, and I prefer it to the tote style. As far as what I see as more common, I hardly ever see foresta giocos on eBay, and I see foresta bvs often enough so if you want to take that into account.

    I own a foresta gioco myself and love it! But like I said, I'm biased because I don't own a single bv. I'm just not into the tote style as much.
  5. That's what I wanted to hear, but for the opposite reasons. I like big bags, and I carry a LOT of (useless) stuff around with me, so maybe the BV is more for me even though I really love Gioco.

    It does look like a smaller bag for how much it carries, and I know how you feel about not liking the "tote" look so much. I wish there was an Avventura in these prints because that would solve all of my problems (and then create bigger financial ones :push:smile:
  6. I'm a huge advocate for the BV (I have six) I also carry a whole bunch of random stuff with me at all times and find that the BV can hold everything perfectly, my shoulder does get slightly sore after a while of carrying around so much stuff.

    I've never owned any gioco but I've worn them around in the store, and to me it seems that it might get a bit bulky and hard to wear if it were filled with stuff.
  7. I wish I could like the Gioco... That is the one bag I HATE.. I tried liking it. I modeled a Perfect Placement Inferno one I had for a long time trying to find it cute but I couldnt, so I sold it and with the money I got an Inferno Zucca..
    But that's me... I like the BV.. It's not my fav style but I like it and yes Gioco has more print but its chopped up and with a BV you can a large pretty scene of the print. But then again you like both styles.. so I dont know..:confused1:...
  8. Hmmm... I like both. I have two giocos and two BV's (used to be 3 but sold one). The only thing I don't like about the gioco is all the loose fabric inside the bag. It can make finding things difficult if you keep everything loose in the bag.

    I agree the Foresta gioco is a lot harder to find than the BV.

    I kind of look at the gioco as "fashion" while the BV is more "function"... That's just me.
  9. Yeah, I feel you there about the loose fabric and the fashion/function comparison. I think I'm gonna go with the Foresta BV on eBay and save my third Gioco for Citta/Rosa
  10. Good choice! I have a Foresta BV myself. Hehe.
  11. I prefer the BV myself. I have tried (twice) to like the gioco, but it's too unstructured for me. I am always losing stuff in there. It's a cute style and I wish it worked for me, but it just doesn't. The BV is a little too large for me on weekends, but it's nice for work and carrying my lunch, book to read, ipod, and a smaller handbag.
  12. As for functionality the BV in my opinion is better. I never use the 3 giocos I have. I have a foresta BV and I think the print looks fantastic on that style of bag.
  13. I'm another one who tried really hard to like the Gioco. I had a gorgeous Inferno Gioco, and although I loved the way it looked when being carried on my shoulder, I hated how it turned into a huge blob when I put it down to dig something out (like on the little ledge at Target where you pay!) :roflmfao:

    I also didn't like that the zipper starts from behind you...I honestly think I might have kept the bag if the zipper ran the opposite way so I could unzip enough to throw in my keys or whatever when the bag was on my shoulder.

    But, there are many here who :heart: the Gioco style and use it every day so I do know it works well for some...just not me.

    I don't currently own a BV (had an AS but sold it because I don't do well with white things, LOL) but I like the style and definitely want one.

    Good luck...and don't expect much help from us because in situations like this we're all usually split down the middle. But it's encouraging because for every style of bag, there's usually someone here who loves it!!

  14. I'd definitely say a foresta BV, just because print-placement wise it won't be all split up, and you'll be able to see more of the scene~ I've always been 'entranced' by giocos, and actually just bought my first one today... so I'll have to see if I like it!! :p I'm normally a smaller-bag type of person... but I just think giocos are so cute :yes: