Gioco revelation!

  1. My, I'm just Chatty Cathy today, aren't I?? :p

    Anyway, I have always sort of blown off the Gioco when looking at Tokis because it just looked so big and strange to me. I never actually picked one up and checked it out. I was at Nordstrom today and they had a Notte Gioco, and just for kicks I put it on my shoulder and looked in the mirror....and fell in :heart: with the shape and how it looked!

    So now I must have a Gioco. Should I try to find an Inferno? Or pre-order a Transporto? (I tried to pre-order a Transporto Ciao from Pulse but Casey says they're all out).

    This addiction is worse than drugs... :rolleyes:

  2. Inferno gioco is awesome, but is also hard to find. You should preorder a transporto gioco, and search for the inferno one. hehe
  3. There's a Gioco Lamore on hold at Macy's Seattle under "Maggie" if you want it. I put it on hold for another tpf member, but she already bought one on eBay. If someone else didn't already get it, it's on hold until closing tonight.
  4. Much appreciated, but I'm not a fan of Lamore. I like the idea of preordering the Transporto and searching for the Inferno! You are all ENABLERS!! :nuts:

  5. I have an inferno gioco :graucho:. I have NEVER used it! :rolleyes: I took the tags off b/c I wanted to prove to my BF that I was gonna use it. Then I had it signed by Simone and it's still in my closet! I'm :nuts:!! I was on a gioco kick back when Citta came out. I got a Citta Rosa in the gioco then when Paradiso & Inferno came out I got them each in the gioco.
    Maybe I should get a tutti gioco. :confused1: How many Zuccas can a girl have?
  6. yeah, i totally hear ya! i wanted a zucca, but then one day, this citta gioco appeared outta no where when i was at a local urban outfitters....i was just lookin at some tops, and beside me out of the corner of my eye, was a citta gioco just sittin there! my heart skipped a beat, my mind turned to mush and my eyes just went glassy! i was about to pick it up and then its owner layed claim to it!!! :crybaby: yeah, it already had a mamma! LOLOL then i took a closer look and it was loaded with personal stuff inside! didn't see that! oh man. that was a close one. i was embarrassed. i hope she didn't think i wanted to steal her bag with contents!

    i tried a gioco and a zucca and i actually thot the gioco looked better on me. so now i would like a gioco! :tup:

  7. This story cracked me up!! Thanks for sharing! The gioco is totally cute and a nice change every now and then :tup: