Gioco Reincarnate? - LeSportsac Suzette

  1. Looks like LeSportsac is banking in on the popularity of the Gioco! Here's a look at the new bag style coming this fall - it's call *Suzette*


    How do you feel? Yes or No or Heck NO!
  2. Interesting... but no for me.
  3. definitely not for me either once lesportsac splits from tokidoki lesportsac no longer exists to me haha
  4. I like gioco, but I'll pass if it's not tokidoki xD
  5. i dont like any of hte lesportsac prints... they are boring. sometimes even eyeblinding.
  6. I dont like the print, but style is ok, i am sure ppl who like lesportsac prints will love this style.
  7. i like the way the gioco/suzette looks zipped up, and altho i have a lamore gioco, i'm ot in love w/it. it would be perfect tho, if it had a more firm bottom.
  8. they are also going to have something that looks like a canguro called frieda and a porta look-alike called lottie
  9. :tdown: I'm not a fan of Lesportsac in general besides toki & the panda & fafi yeahh :tdown: for me.
  10. haha exactly. Tokidoki is the only real thing that I like from LeSportsac.
  11. I was told by the SA in lesportsac that some of the bags are going to have the same styles at the Tokidoki im not surprised to see that style in other prints other than tokis :p
  12. With the plain straps and without the leather accents and fun zippers, they just look so blah to me. They almost come off looking like fake Tokis, with that "slightly off" look about them. <shrug> I wouldn't buy it.

  13. I couldn't have said it better myself!! Cheers! :drinkup:
  14. Agreed for me too.
  15. I think the style is alright although it is a more difficult bag to get into. I don't think the print works for this style though. Maybe it would look better in another print. :wondering