[Gioco Owners!] How hard is it to get in and out of your bag?

  1. I need to find out because I'm riding the fence on this one. the style is really great and i want to add one to my collection but on the other hand if its too much of a hassle i kinda dont want it... so please share your insight with me ^__^!
  2. Same here! I've been thinking about this style for a while now...
  3. honestly it can be a hassle but you get use to it. It ain't that bad. I think it is very stylish and fits so comfortable on your shoulder. I get the most compliments when I use my gioco. Lots of people have a hard time getting in and out of it, but all you do is drop one of the handles and look through you bag.

    I :heart: My Gioco's...i own 2!
  4. how easy is it to open the bag if one of your hands is occupied? i think the most annoying thing is getting the zippers open on tokis because it closes in the back... so you zip from back to front not front to back :3 on a gioco would it because of it's shape? @_@ *sorry if my question made no sense*
  5. I think it's hard to get in and out of. And if you carry your bag on your right shoulder, you have to either slide the bag down your arm to reach the zipper to open it or put it on a surface to open it. And there is a SEA OF FABRIC inside that you have to shove away to find your stuff.

    Yet I own two gioco's because the style just LOOKS good.
  6. sea of fabric!? @__@!!!

    i tried a few on at metropark and Nordstroms before, i was so tempted to buy it but when i opened it i was like "hMm what's this?" xD the cellphone pocket is like... at a slant kinda? iono how to describe it lol.

    would you gals say.... that its so hard to get in and out of that it pisses you off >_>? because i dont wanna be like one of those crazy women i've seen shopping and they cant find stuff in their bag and go like ARRRGGGG -dumps everything out- LOL
  7. It didn't really piss me off but you'd have to kinda push around to find your stuff... I solved that problem by putting eeeeeverything into a 2-zip and 3-zip black LeSportsac cosmetic case. Each pocket has differet stuff in it. So instead of searching around for stuff, I just grab one of the cosmetic cases for what I need to get out. And then those cases make switching bags out waaaaaaay easier for me.
  8. ^ :huh:o thats very smart!

    i'm so tempted, yet really scared at the same time, because one you snip the tag there are no returns!

    please keep leaving comments/posts here ^__^ they are helping a lot in getting a feel for the bag! thanks!
  9. I usually don't zip up the bag. I carry it on the left shoulder, so the pocket faces the right way and if I were to unzip it isn't hard to access. I find that it's not hard to find stuff in the Gioco because it all kind of sits at the bottom. I just drop the bag down to my forearm and look inside. My stuff is easy to differentiate, though (check wallet, denaro, change purse) so if you carry lots of stuff that's in a pile at the bottom of your bag this might not be for you. I keep my cell phone in the side zip pocket because the internal pockets are pretty useless. The lining is not attached to the bag, so the lining kind of floats around sometimes if you are trying to access those pockets.

    So, my bottom line, I have one Gioco and love the look of it but it's not the most practical bag. Hence, why I have only one.
  10. i'm left-handed so i carry my giocos on my left shoulder, making it a lot easier to access the zipper since it's up front. i don't have to set it down or drop a strap...it just kind of works. and, like maya, i have a 2-zip LSS cosmetic bag for loose objects, which i keep towards the back end because i don't need it too often. and i keep my LSS checkbook wallet near the front so i can get to it, and my ipod and cell phone are kept in the pockets. i guess i'm a little more strategic with the giocos than i am with my other bags, but it works for me.
  11. Since I've read this in a past post, I've been doing that! I carry my caramella, caramellina and porta so it's easy to find what i need and to switch bags. I've got to say that the GIOCO is the most stylish looking bag, there is no bag similar in shape, so it stands out.
  12. yes that is my thoughts exactly! it seems to be a bit of a hassle but its so pretty i want just one :yes: (well hopefully just one!)

    i dont carry that much stuff, ipod, phone, bag for crap for school, keys... wallet, some trinkets, makeup, glasses... so it shouldnt be that difficult (i hope)!
  13. I wish I didn't read this thread...now I want a gioco! although my ma has one and she cannt stand her stuff getting lost in the bag because the lining shifts around so much..but I still want one! there so pretty looking and I don't own any gioco
  14. it can be awkward as the zip folds in so you have to use both hands to get it open (well thats what I find). It also feels like a left handers bag as someone putting it on their right shoulder will find it zips up backwards. but i also think that no matter how much you stuff it with it seems to keep its shape, and I really do love mine, it is so stylish.

    I agree with Maya though, it does seem to have a sea of lining in it as it doesnt seem to be attached to the far corners of the bag so it all sort of caves in XD
  15. I've had 2 Giocos in the past and had to sell both because I'm one of those that can't get used to the style and "losing" my stuff constantly inside the bag. I had a Fumo Gioco last year that I sold around Xmas, then I retried a CR Gioco in the Spring with the same result.