Gioco or Zucca?

  1. I am trying to decide what larger size shoulder bag to purchase in the Pirata print, and would like people's opinions on the Zucca and the Gioco. Anything you can tell me is helpful! I think I would like a bag that I can have a lot of the print showing, but am concerned that the Gioco is too large for me? I am about 5' 3" and about 100lbs.
  2. zucca! It will show off the print very nicely! The gioco isnt too big, but I love the zucca!
  3. I'm zucca biased. I think it is a great large bag, (also don't have a gioco) yet both have a great shape.

    it's really up to you hun.

    maybe look through the reference post and see how they sit on someone else.
  4. Both the gioco and the zucca are big bags. The zucca is taller the gioco is wider (but not much) Somewhere on here you can see pictures of bubblesung with her Zucca and as I recall she's a little bitty thing and it's really cute on her and doesn't look too big at all.

    I have both bags and while I like the Gioco, I LOVE the Zucca. It has more shape and structure. It never falls off your shoulder. It is just a really great bag.

    A lot of people complain the Gioco is hard to get in and out of, I don't seem to have that issue, but I do find the "floating lining" very annoying. It makes the inside pockets pretty useless. You can put your cellphone in the cellphone pocket and still not be able to find it when you need it!

    If you go back and check the archives you'll see a lot of posts that are Gioco vs Zucca and I think the Zucca is by far and away the winner every time.
  5. im 4'11 and while i dont own a gioco yet (i will thursday,2 in fact:drool:) i did go to bloomingdales to try it on in another print and i absolutley love it,i love big bags though i can see how someone who is not used to big bags would consider this one rather large,i would say the gioco is more casual where as the zucca is more structured,so it really depends what you will be using it for...
  6. Thanks for the input! I must be pestering Lindsey at Southampton trying to decide which I will want, making her go through things for me! Keep posting your thoughts on these two, whilst I look through all the photos of the two! (Although, I *could* just get both of them.... Hmmmm....)
  7. Looks like you are pre-ordering the vacanze. I don't know if you plan on changing that, but I'd keep the preorder like that and maybe go for a gioco since it doesn't look like you have one yet? I'm about 5'4" and 105 lbs and I don't think the gioco is too big. I mean, it is big, but not overwhelming. Considering you're only an inch shorter than I, I don't think it makes a difference. Totally go for the gioco so you have some variety in bag styles and keep your vacanze zucca preorder.
  8. when is the SH outlet getting Pirata??
  9. ZUCCA!! :tup:
  10. i vote for zucca since pirata is more of a vertical print
  11. i'm partial to the gioco
  12. I can't say anything cause I promised...
  13. I love my giocos.. I have two of them. I likie the fact that even though its a pretty big bag, it folds up under your arm and looks a lot smaller than it is. I can see why the zucca might be more convenient though, considering its a structured bag... I also like how much of the print you get with the gioco...

    I do have a pirata zucca though and I agree how it looks like a more vertical print so I think it looks better on a zucca.
  14. I think I am going to go with the Gioco first, because I carry a LOT of junk with me and I dont know if I will want two Zuccas. Now, the problem is trying to FIND one! I see one on eBay from a trusted seller, but it is $189 BIN! I don't want to pay that much, and I delayed on another that was listed by someone I haven't dealt with on eBay and it was $130 BIN - missed out on that one.

    I am waiting to hear from about whether they are still in stock there and the Seattle Outlet doesn't know what they will be getting yet...

    Does anyone have recommendations as to where I can look to find one? I emailed Pulse last week and have not heard back - it's been over a week! Should I try again?
  15. heheheh... .once you get that first Zucca you will want way more then two!