gingiemay, Pics of me with the corriere

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  1. For reference im a plus size 14-16 and 5'9ish.


  2. Hehe it was fun bumping into you at the outlet! Congrats on getting the bags you wanted! How come you didnt buy the nuvola too? Not the right placement?? A mom and a daughter came in after you left (I'm not sure if they're TPFers) and they bought both the nuvola and the scuola! When I left, there was only the lunas left!! :nuts: haha
  3. yayyy pics!! lol hi. :biggrin:
  4. awww it's beautiful!

    after i read that you found it at the waiklele outlet, i rushed down there. SAdly they only had 1 luna left, I was going to buy it and i thought...what will i use it before i left i walked around the store and found a CR Braccialetto, so i'm happy with that...really wish i knew, i would have been there before the opened. I was planning to go down early, but stayed out late with friends to celebrate my birthday. So much for birthday luck!
  5. Awww... I guess you didn't get to read about it in that other thread... :sad: I was planning on getting there before they opened also, just to see what they had... but I was up until 5 am talking to friends so there was NO WAY I was gonna get up early for a print I just "like." Now, if it was the Playground prints (bella bellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!) or Foresta, I'd have just stayed up through 5 and camped my butt outside the door. *lol*
  6. a braccialetto?! :O wow didn't see that! Lol
    Happy Birthday!!!
  7. Thanks, USArmyWife! The Corriere looks really great on you! Pleased to hear that you are 5'9"; I'm 5'11" so a lot of the reference photos are usually not as helpful! Tall girls unite!

    I kind of want a corriere now... :drool:
  8. hhehe thanks im almost 5'10 so i think it'd be good for you. I was sooo excited about the citta rosa that i got to the store at 8 lol Nancy let me in at like 8:50 so i snatched up the nuvola at first since i was exchanging it for my pirata nuvola. I was set on getting that and the porta but when i went to pay at the counter i saw she had a corriere and i freaked ! I was sooooo happy cause i had been bidding on one on eBay that i wasnt happy with the placement on but was willing to settle... luckily i lost that auction. Guess it was meant to be eh ? It was good running into you two lol !! Sorry there wasnt two Mamma mia's for both you of lol. You snatched that one up quick hah !!!
  9. Shellie, you didnt see the braccioletto?! I was looking at it with you!! haha :lol: Yeahhhh I wish there were 2 MMs.. but I liked the placement better on the bambinone ^____^ So I'm happy with my purchase!

    Maya - Same here! hahaha I wasnt tired last night and I stayed up until 5am looking at vinyl doll sites online :lol: Then I slept for 2 hrs and woke up to go! Haha I really wanted to see what they had! If it was foresta or playground.. I would be camping out with you!! :lol:
  10. Hehehehe.
  11. thanks for the bday wishes.

    yah i was bummed when i got there cause she said they only had the luna...but before i left i saw the braccialetto lying on the counter...

    with MEOMI QEE!

    USArmyWife, you have a Meomi Qee, score!:yahoo:
  12. USArmyWife the correire looks great on you!! :tup:

    Congrats on your bag & your new meomi qee!! :graucho:
  13. thanks !!! I just wont tell hubby how much ive spent..... hah
  14. Probably a good idea :idea: not to. My boyfriend has no clue that I've been buying AS Ciaos left and right and that I ordered another today :shame: It's best that he doesn't know!! :graucho:
  15. LOL left and right?!! How many AS ciaos do you have now?? Are you trying to pick the right placement? :smile: