Ginger, Walnut, and Amethyst Sabrina available for order

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  1. I called tonight to see if by chance any espressos popped up, and these were listed as available. The woman could not tell me if the amethyst was a different bag from the lavender, and said to call CS after 9 AM tomorrow so that the CS specialists could answer my questions. I also want to see if it's truly walnut or the tan. If amethyst is a dark purple I am so ordering one!! I will not have a repeat of the missed espresso.
  2. Amethyst? That sounds nice...
  3. Forgot to add I asked about the small size only, and the amethyst has silver hardware. Forget what I was told about the other two.
  4. Thanks for the info! I wonder what color is Ginger?
  5. HMMM...I'm very curious
  6. Ginger! Sounds interesting! Me 2 I missed expresso, so I definitely want to try either giner or walnut! :yahoo:
  7. I think Ginger would be a spicy orange color.
  8. Rude CS rep!! :cursing:

    I called back after tracking down the style code for the lavender. I asked the woman what colors were available for order, to write them down this time. She(Beth grrr!!!) says What color are you looking for? I told her I wanted to know the list of colors available, and she said Well, we have many colors available. What color are you looking for? (seriously, why won't she just list them off?) I said I wanted to know the colors available to help me choose, and she said Well we have about 12 colors available. Which one do you want? So I ask her yet again to list the colors available, and she only lists four. None of which are the ginger, walnut, or amethyst. So I ask her about it, and mention that I had called less than an hour ago and was told they were available. So she says Can I ask ahy you keep calling back to ask about colors? :cursing: So I told her I wanted to find the color code for the lavender so I could call back and see if the amethyst was a different bag from the lavender. She was just a total snot and not willing to help. And why make me feel stupid for calling more than once about colors? Ugh!
  9. That's so rude. She should have listed them all off for you. Email Coach about it. They do listen to complaints.
  10. I am going to. I had every intention of ordering the amethyst if I could verify the color code was different, but no way was that woman getting my sale. I guess I will try again in the morning.
  11. So she says Can I ask ahy you keep calling back to ask about colors?
    You should have said, "Well if someone would simply tell me what colours are available, I wouldn't HAVE to keep calling back now would I?"

    What a b-witch Beth was! I'd call or write and complain about her attitude. At least you got her name. Sorry Sweetie! :hugs:
  12. Yes if you complain they will listen. I had a bag experience once and called back to ask to talk to a manager and she was very helpful and apologized with a note and everything. She even said I can ask for her in the future. HTH!
  13. How rude! I don't understand how hard it would be for her just simply tell you the colors!:bagslap:
    I am sorry you have to deal with dumb bxxxh like her. We just want a Sabrina (well maybe more than one)! That's all! :hugs:
  14. woah ! i do wonder hw ginger and walnut looks like.. walnut sounds nice but i'm nt gg to trust coach's pics anymore since the plum doesn't look like it. if u could ask in regards to the HW that'll be great too..

    and yes ! complain abt that rude CS !
  15. What a rude CS rep!
    Well, you can be sure that it will look nothing like its namesake! I'm thinking ginger might look like a mandarin, walnut might look like cashew, amethyst might look like a sapphire. LOL