Ginger Spice, The Babysitter !

  1. When it comes to the tricky task of finding a reliable babysitter, the Spice Girls seem to have come up with the perfect - and cheap - solution.

    Rather than pay for an over-priced celebrity nanny, the group nominated Geri Halliwell to keep their ever-increasing brood amused for the day.

    And should Ginger, 35, have needed some more mature advice about dealing with the extended family, she brought her own Mama along to help

    Touch of Spice: Geri (centre) with her daughter Bluebell (in buggy), Mel B's girl Phoenix Chi (far left) and Brooklyn Beckham (right) enjoy a day out
  2. The Spice Girls are currently holed up in the exclusive Lowry Hotel, in Manchester, while they perform at the MEN Arena as part of their come-back tour.

    But despite a packed schedule of gruelling shows, Ginger Spice still seemed to have plenty of energy left over to play with her daughter Bluebell, one, Victoria and David Beckham's son Brooklyn, eight, and Mel B's girl Phoenix Chi, eight.

    The party, complete with some burly bodyguards, were seen out and about in Manchester city centre today with Geri, who appeared to be dressed for an Arctic expedition, happy to fool around for the cameras.

    Arctic explorer Spice: Geri ties up her boats, watched by Phoenix Chi
  3. [​IMG]
    Spice brigade: Geri (centre) takes out Mel B's daughter Phoenix Chi (far right), her own daughter Bluebell and the Beckhams' son Brooklyn (just off picture). She took her own mother (second from left) along to help

    Maternal Spice: The group showed off their brood during last month's London show
  4. :tup: cute pictures!
  5. I like how they pixeled out Phoenix in the first couple of pic, but showed the face in the last. Brilliant!
  6. So cute!!!! Thanks for posting :smile:
  7. Those are some crazy tights, Posh.
  8. That is so cute and Victoria's little boy's t-shirts made my heart go awwww :love:
  9. I thought the same thing, genius!
    Also everyone one else has their children on stage but not Geri
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  14. I noticed that too! Brooklyn also!
  15. Cute pictures though...the first one looks like they're all in a musical!