Ginger, Carla, and Maria

  1. I need some help with these bags - I am having some trouble distinguishing Ginger, Carla, and Maria. Which is the biggest? Are Carla and Maria pretty much the same bag except for size?
  2. Hiya:

    Carla and Maria are indeed the same bag in different sizes.

    It's hard to distinguish which is bigger - Ginger or Carla. Carla is longer in strap and bag length. Ginger has two short straps and is round compared to Carla, but they have the same width according to the Kooba site. Carla has an inch or two in height over the Ginger but Ginger is one inch deeper than Carla.

    Does any of that make sense? LOL! I have both and I think the Carla may hold a smidge more.
  3. yeah, the Carla seems way bigger and hangs a lot lower. The ginger you can just throw on and it kind of hugs your side.
  4. Hi all! I haven't posted for a bit but am checking in!

    Maybe I can help- I ordered the Carla and returned it as I felt it was huge - the strap, the bag, the whole thing and I got the Ginger which I feel is smaller. It's maybe a touch wider but seems like a smaller bag in the way it lays. I think the Carla is good for someone tall or someone that has a lot to carry but it overwhelmed me (I am 5'2")

    Hope that helps!
  5. Carla and Ginger are really, really similar, the major difference is the strap, Carla has one long strap that buckles on and it can be worn cross-body or over the shoulder, Ginger has 2 straps that curve around so it can be worn over the shoulder but not cross-body. The other big diff is that Carla has 2 little pockets on the sides, whereas Ginger has the leather that comes up to form a triangle.
  6. I think you may have intended to say the Ginger has two pockets on the sides, whereas the Carla doesn't.
  7. Thanks for the info - that is very helpful!
  8. Yes, Thank you. I did intend to say that.
  9. I have a black Maria that i bought from a lovely Tpf'er. It's smaller that the carla, but perfect for me. I have lots of big black handbags and this bag is perfect and beautiful.