Ginger Alana meets her long lost mother...

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  1. You know how it is when you're scouring ebay looking for nothing in particular and then something really unexpected jumps out at you? Well, last week I stumbled on a listing for a gorgeous bag that had been poorly photographed and had a very limited description. There were no bids, even by the end of the listing, and the seller lives in my town. So, naturally, I had to bid and to my astonishment (and delight!) I was the only bidder!

    I was a bit nervous going to pick up my purchase - never done that before - but the seller was nice enough. I took a quick look at my new bag and had to suppress my desire to jump for joy, she was so beautiful and just what I thought she was: Emmy in ginger Darwin!!!!! :yahoo:

    She needed a trip to the spa (had to order some Woly Gel), hence the late reveal. She's cleaned up real well and finally got to meet her daughter, ginger Alana. They are very happy together, snuggled up in my wardrobe making up for lost time. :biggrin:

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  2. wow klp! fabulous find! absolutely fate - meant to be.

    What is the size difference?
  3. Gorgeous KLP. Love that colour.
  4. You are so clever - Ginger Emmy is utterly gorgeous. How convenient that you could just pick her up. Are we presuming you got a great bargain too?
  5. Thanks Poppy! Emmy is a bit bigger with the extra pockets at either end and the shape is more rectangular rather than barrel-shaped like Alana. I have more pics to show you...

    Thank you cmaec!

    Jenova, I must say I was rather pleased not to have to pay postage for once. And, yes, Emmy was a pretty good bargain. Not £50 like lovemymulberry's, but still a great price for such a lovely and rare bag.
  6. Well done. I will keep trawling ebay in the hope of finding something as lovely as this.
  7. WOW !!!

    Klp, you absolute star buyer!

    The Emmy is a lovely bag, I know people says shes fiddly but I think shes a wonder of Mulberry detail. And in Ginger.....................what more could you ask for?

    And now you have 3 straps to play around with as well.

    Please tell me you are keeping Alana though - I love that bag on you!

    Ells xx
  8. Thanks lola! You'll find a bargain one day I'm sure. It always happens when you're not looking!
  9. Congrats Klp what a great find :biggrin:
  10. Well done on reuniting the girls:yahoo:

    What a stroke of luck :biggrin:
  11. Thanks Ells!

    I had an oak Emmy, my first Mulberry, and I did love her - mostly because she was my first ever designer bag, but also because I loved the style: so pretty. I did find her fiddly and boxy, straps always falling off my shoulder, etc. Now that I'm a pretty experienced Mulberry girl I know that the leather on my oak one hadn't softened up enough and that I only had to take one shoulder strap off and attach the other to the end rings to solve my problems! :rolleyes:

    Alana is definitely staying, she's a great size and so new - I want to get the patina going myself! Emmy already has that amazing ginger patina that I love so much. It reminds me of autumn leaves in the sun. :love:
  12. Thanks jackie and mamab! I'm not a very lucky person in general so I was awfully pleased with scoring a bargain on such a rare bag!
  13. Excellent - and to think in a few years time Miss M and her mum can have matching bags!

    (Do you hate me as you fall to the floor in horror)
  14. ^^What a lovely picture that puts in my head. Miss M is really turning into quite a girly girl, always picking up my handbags and carrying them around. I've already decided that she'll have my black Brooke one day.
  15. A proper posh family - I love it. You can wear one on each arm!