gina_b: Apparently, I can't resist really dark milk chocolate! :)

  1. Please help me celebrate the arrival of a new member of my H collection: Chocolate brown PM Jige with white contrasting stitches :yahoo:

    Outfit specs:

    - Chanel dress
    - Van Cleef & Arpels lotus "between the finger" ring
    - Christian Louboutin pumps
    - H-our watch
    - Chocolate brown PM Jige
  2. HOLY CRAP!!! You look like a SUPER MODEL!!!:nuts: The bag looks great on!:yes:
  3. wow! gorgeous bag but an even better outfit.

    i will look that chic for one day in my lifetime. i will look that chic for one day in my lifetime. i will look that chic for one day in my lifetime.
  4. You look stunning!beautiful bag!
  5. Smurfet, you look amazing! Congrats on your Jige!
  6. Wow! :drool: Absolutely gorgeous - the clutch, dress, everything!
  7. Smurfet--Beautiful. :smile: Love your dress.
  8. WHOA!!!!!! Drop Dead Gorgeous!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on a little bit of chocolate!!!!!
  9. WOW I've seen that dress on celebrities!!!
  10. Wow, you look fantastic, love the jige, love the dress, love everything!! Congratulations!!
  11. H_addict- supermodel I'm not. But thank you so much for the flattery!

    hlfinn- I've seen you "in action." You are plenty chic!

    toonie, ninja_sue, cristina, kelly_birkin, & shopmom: Thank you for your vote of confidence! And thank you for letting me share. :smile:
  12. SO HOT!!!:tup:
  13. That bag is Gorgeous and you look absolutely AMAZING! We need a close up shot of that ring though! OMG!
  14. bag*snob- you might have seen the Chanel dress on Lilo and Cameron Diaz in the celebrity subforum. It was in one of those "who wore it better" threads.

    icechick- Thank you very much!
  15. WOW, you look amazing!!! Congrats!