Gina Does Alaska!!!

  1. Say you get a call from your SA, who says, 'I have good news - the first of your special orders is here!' So like any self-respecting Hermes addict, what else is there to do but make a beeline for the store, not really noticing or caring how many old ladies and small animals you might run over in getting there.

    Now imagine, as you enter the store, panting heavily from all the excitement and the mad dash from the cab through those glass doors that the doormen greet you like royalty, leading you to feel as if this must be a really special day. Perhaps you were hallucinating those ear to ear grins, which could really have been grimacing at your hastily thrown on jeans and tee. But really, who cares? How often is it that there's something waiting for you at Hermes made especially for you?

    So even though your SA doesn't happen to be in at the moment (bummer), they track down none other than the VIP guy to attend to you. You are offered a seat and your choice of beverage (no doubt because your hyperventilating must be giving off an air of terrible thirst). As you struggle to compose yourself, he arrives, even sexier than you remember him. Hell, they're ALL sexy, especially when carrying a huge orange box.

    He's not carrying any box but gives you a kiss or two - a first! And imagine how your heart races as he leans in and murmurs that not only has the SO1 arrived, but so has SO2! ( :wtf: :nuts: :yahoo: ) You struggle with the compulsion to kiss him then and there. Luckily before he's beset by scary!carpediem!you, he and another SA both go off to bring you your bags.

    You have more to drink.

    They return with two huge boxes and people stare. Because there are no other birkins in the store. After a flurry of plastic-ripping and paper-unfolding, there they stand at attention, holding out two of the most beautiful bags - okay they're birkins - you've ever seen IRL. As you parade them in front of the mirror, your SA team points out that the bags are causing a little commotion amongst the other patrons, but you only had eyes for the bags - gorgeous gorgeous bags just for you!

    You feel really decadent, but what else did you think you were going to do? You get them both.

    But then you refer to your list, and they get those too. You're starting to feel headier at this point, but you hell since you're there, you decide to throw caution to the wind and mention that you've never seen a croc lindy before. And lo! There is just ONE left! A 30 matte croc - oh the feel of it!! (You had never been a lindy fan... until now. And now you are smitten. It's STUNNING!!!) But you show some restraint and after about half and hour put it back in the box. As you do so, a man and his wife come by and reach for one of your special orders, which you suppose is too much of a temptation, just sitting there in the open - but your SA, who doesn't miss a beat, gives the man's hand an almost territorial swat, and you decide for the 37th time today that you LOVE your SA.

    The team prepares everything for you, arranges all the paperwork, while a few of the other SAs come over and chat - it feels like a party. Then they entreat the doorman to fetch a cab and you're tucked into the backseat with orange bags you can barely see over and they slip a few parting gifts into your bags. More kisses and you're off, not really sure that what's happened was even real except for the bags and other things at your side.

    The perfect end to a perfect day - and it's only lunchtime! :supacool:

    Et voila! No pics at the mo because you're on someone else's PC, but more later!

    Wishing you all just as great a day! :heart:
  2. i know where you shop. :roflmfao: isn´t that the best atmosphere.glad you had such a fantastic day but WHAT DID YOU GET :yahoo:
  3. gina b, First of all, Congratulations!!!!!!!! Pray, please continue........the others will be along...........:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Gina! Yoo-hoo! I'm sure you don't need to eat at this point because you are FULL of orange joy, right??? So, how about those pictures.... how about some hints....???

    Did you get the CROC Lindy??? I am dying to get one of those!!!

    I wanna see pics! I wanna see pics!!! :drool::drool::drool:

    And before I forget - MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  5. WOW! As I read, my heart skips a beat...wait. Make that many beats. :p
  6. gina b, were there 2 or 3 orange bags you could barely see over????????? Where are you??????
  7. Gina, great story, you must be a writer! Would love to see pics soon! Congrats!
  8. Very interesting!:yahoo:Congratulations!
  9. Oh I love it Gina - can't wait for the big news :yahoo:

    Get home and get posting luv.... we must see

    Pour another glass of bubbles first - I know I need one :drinkup:
  10. You guys are the best!! Thank you! Hope you can wait though, am off to the South of ... um, Alaska... now for a little recovery time...

    Only 2 bags though. I wasn't so high that I lost all reason. The images of that croc lindy are however burned in my brain!
  11. Have a ball Lovely and don't worry about the rest of us...

    pining away...


  12. And when you come back pick up that croc lindy because it is

    FAB-U-LOUS :woohoo:
  13. south of alaska is fabulous and oh so fun did it this summer (in my little cosy igloo). enjoy and relax my dear :flowers:
  14. Gina : you write so well ! i can almost feel your excitement ! I can't imagine how you can hold your hand steady to type this essay out !!! :smile:

  15. Dear Gina,

    Firstly, please accept my sincerest congratulations on what are, no doubt, two stunning bags. Woooooo.

    Secondly, have you spoken to your building contractors about enlarging your (our) wardrobe? I fear I may be relegated to sleeping in a hammock as there seems to be little floorspace left.

    Please post pictures of your fabulous new bags for us all to perve over at your earliest convenience.

    Kind regards,