GIna Alexander( photo bags)

  1. I think this are to cute
    For the gal who likes to carry her necessities around their wrist and not around her shoulder.



    Cosmetic Bag :
    The cosmetic bag is always a great accessory to all our handbags. Order a matching cosmetic bag to go with your photo designed bag


    Casual Luxury
    $125- $165


    Around town
    backpack $290 Messenger $265
  2. hmmm. not completely sold. those babies scare me. (kinda like that "sun baby" in Teletubbies)
  3. ^^ or Angela's posters with babies on the Office
  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Prices $285-$295

    Makes really cute xmas gifts
    Even have something for the fellas


    Gina Alexander
  5. Are they pics of your own baby? Or some 'famous baby'
  6. I'm sick of photobags. I went crazy when Anya Hindmarch first came up with those photobags and had everything from my dog to my house making the cover of my totes. Now I just want regular, wear-and-wear-again bags.
  7. I don't like those at all.